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Friday, February 23, 2024
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What caused the accidents at the start and why do Perez and Sargent hit the cars again? Analysis

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 12:38:59

The championship’s permanent expert, bronze medalist of the Formula V8 3.5 series, Egor Orudzhev, answered the main questions following the results of the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix, which Max Verstappen predictably won.

Incidents at the start of the Japanese Grand Prix: Hamilton-Pérez and the quarrels of the middle peasants. Who is to blame and what could have been done differently?

In the first turn, when there are three or four cars in a row, there is always the risk of someone being left out. Sainz made a great start and got slightly closer to Checo to better enter the corner. He didn’t know for sure that Lewis was also behind Cheko. Checo naturally made a move towards Lewis so as not to collide with Sainz, and Lewis consequently had nowhere to go but onto the grass. When you drive on an external path, there is always a chance that the gap will disappear. That’s what happened this time. In the middle of the pack essentially the same thing happened. Okon moved too, only there was no space between them, so contact occurred.

What about Perez? Did he have any reason to attack Magnussen like that?

Yes, we have to leave Pérez behind. Honestly, even I’m tired of talking about Pérez’s form. I can imagine how he feels. Seriously: if we want to help him, we just have to support him. But this is F1 and you can’t be left behind. Therefore, we will continue to see “that” Pérez. And when we fall behind, he will go slowly. And the attack on Magnussen was, of course, stupid.

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Who is the worst Formula 1 driver at the Japanese Grand Prix?

Was McLaren right when they forced Piastri to let Norris pass?

Judging by the fact that Lando left for eight seconds, then, of course, the decision was correct. They could have struggled, but they are clearly aiming to score points in the Constructors’ Championship. And they need glasses. Aston Martin is still ahead, but the cars are now at different levels.

Who will be stronger at McLaren next year: Norris or Piastri?

It will be very interesting. I think from time to time there will be one or the other ahead.

There is a scandal in Alpin over Gasly’s order to let Ocon pass at the finish line. Who’s there?

I didn’t understand what was what. But judging by Pierre’s gestures after the finish line, a French scandal is brewing throughout the French team! Although, if I’m not mistaken, all my partners had problems with Ocon. With Checo in Force India they “hit each other” periodically, with Fernando too. It seems to me that it is difficult to maintain a good relationship with Esteban for a long time. I don’t want to say he’s wrong here, but behind the scenes they clearly have problems.

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Ocon responded to Gasly’s discontent by ordering the team to change places before the finish line.

Hamilton’s fight with Russell after Lewis’ departure: was it too much or an adequate defense?

I’m always for the fight. So let them fight. If you always fail, as happened at McLaren, the races will become boring.

What do you think of Mercedes’ decision to risk a pit stop for Russell?

Why not? We thought there was an opportunity and moved the car behind us. The risk almost paid off.

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Source: The order to exchange Russell and Hamilton was given by Wolf, who did not go to Japan

How do you explain Ferrari’s tactics, which delayed Sainz’s second stop?

I also didn’t understand why they delayed it. All questions to Ferrari. Maybe they just forgot!

Alpha Tauri decided to leave Ricciardo and Tsunoda, Lawson in reserve. What do you think?

Sorry for Lawson, he made a good impression. But I’m sure they’ll give it another chance. I think Pérez’s contract until the end of 2024 complicates the situation. Next year, some of the current fighter pilots will definitely leave the Red Bull program.

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Discuss Sargent’s two crashes in qualifying and the race. Is the uncertainty with the contract affecting you?

In qualifying, Logan skidded and if you hit the grass at that speed, you’re already a passenger. He happened with Kubica, he happened with Glock many years ago. Even Juan Pablo Montoya arrived there in 2005, when I was 10 years old. So the place is dangerous.

During the race, Sargent made a braking error and came into contact with Bottas. It’s easy to make a mistake there because you brake while turning the steering wheel. These are all small mistakes that have big consequences. I usually defend Logan. But I won’t do it now. There are too many errors and they are literally expensive.

Uncertainty in the contract? Yes, I think it has an effect. There is a lot of pressure from outside and you have just arrived in this world. In Formula 2 and in lower categories there is practically no pressure. Well, okay, in F-2, of course it is, but even in last-place Williams, there is a lot more!

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