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What should Artyom Dzyuba do next in his career?

Date: May 20, 2024 Time: 08:26:12

What should Artyom Dzyuba do next in his career?

Anatoly Romanov April 20, 2024, 12:00 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

Help the former captain of the Russian national team decide his future.

Artyom Dzyuba’s future at Lokomotiv is shrouded in fog. In 2024, the former captain of the Russian national team has yet to score or provide an assist. For the contract, which expires in the summer, to be automatically extended for one season, the forward must make 10 effective actions in the Russian championship, but the 35-year-old still has seven left.

The other day information appeared that Lokomotiv had no intention of renewing the contract with Dzyuba. The club plans to part with the 35-year-old in the summer transfer window, and Artyom himself had a difficult conversation with coach Mikhail Galaktionov. However, the forward’s representative denied these rumors. But one way or another, the railways have not yet offered Dzyuba a new contract.

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What should Artyom do in this situation? The forward himself does not communicate with the press and does not transmit his position to the fans. But he can find out what people think about his career. We invite you to participate in the voting and choose the best option related to his future in football. Write in the comments where you see Dziuba after this season.

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Rating: What should Artyom Dzyuba do next in his career?

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

Dzyuba needs to go to Leonid Slutsky in China

Everyone knows Dzyuba’s happy friendship with current Shanghai Shenhua coach Leonid Slutsky. Surprisingly, they have not yet worked together at club level. Leonid Viktorovich coached Artyom only in the Russian national team. Slutsky’s Dzyuba was the leader in both number of matches and number of goals. When the Russian specialist left for China, many expected the Lokomotiv center forward to follow him to Shanghai Shenhua. This did not happen in the winter period, but maybe it will happen in the summer?

“Dziuba’s style would be ideal for Chinese football. I think that here he could score many goals, even despite his age. “There are teams here that need a center forward like Dzyuba,” said midfielder Georgy Zhukov, who plays in this country, in an interview for the championship.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

It’s time for Dzyuba to end his career or move into media football

Dziuba, no matter how much he was criticized, left a great mark on our football. Together with Alexander Kerzhakov, he is the best scorer in the history of the Russian national team, the best Russian sniper in the Champions League and the most productive player in the history of the RPL. At Zenit, he satisfied his hunger for trophies by winning four championship titles, so now he can end his career at any time with a calm heart. It was a success. Few players are willing to sacrifice his health at 36 years old (the forward will turn that age in August). There is an alternative to professional sports: Artyom could continue performing in the Media League. Joker Dzyuba, the champion of Russia among football players in terms of the number of jokes per unit of time, will undoubtedly be the king of media football.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Dzyuba is better off moving to a weaker RPL or First League team

Dzyuba can leave Lokomotiv, but at the same time remain in the Russian Championship. He simply continues your career on a lower level team. As already reported by the Championship, Khimki, Arsenal and Rodina are considering signing the center forward if they reach the RPL. Admittedly, there are doubts that Dzyuba and Khimki coach Andrei Talalaev will work well together, given the history of their relationship. But Artyom will probably be welcomed in Tula: there he left a good memory of himself. Dzyuba will undoubtedly be useful for any team fighting to survive in the elite. A player’s class, unlike physical abilities, does not diminish with age.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, “Championship”

Dzyuba must play for an automatic contract extension with Loko

This RPL season, Dzyuba scored four goals against Fakel, Baltika, Ural and Spartak and provided three assists. To automatically renew the contract, Artyom must perform three effective actions in the remaining seven matches: with Rubin (away), Pari NN (g), Spartak (g), Rostov (at home), Orenburg (d), “Torch” ( e) and “Báltika” (d). There is nothing unrealistic in this task, especially if the former captain of the Russian national team will have more than 20-30 minutes per match. If Dzyuba stays, Loko will have to keep him in the team for one more season or terminate his contract and pay a penalty. In the first case, Artyom will have the opportunity to prove, through the preseason, that he deserves a place in the starting eleven.

Photo: Orange Pictures/BSR Agency/Getty Images

Dziuba should go abroad where they will give him more money

It seems that abroad the most obvious option for Dziuba is a transfer to Leonid Slutsky’s Shanghai Shenhua. However, it is not a fact that in China the former captain of the Russian national team receives more money than anywhere else. At 35 years old, the economic factor can surpass any other factor for a footballer. The striker’s representative, Leonid Goldman, admitted: before signing the contract with Lokomotiv, Artyom received an offer from Saudi Arabia comparable in money to the one he had at Zenit. If Dziuba has not yet been forgotten in Saudi Arabia or other countries in that region (UAE, Qatar), then it is quite possible that he will receive a more lucrative offer from there. Should we abandon China in this case?

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