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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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“Where else can I meet a guy?” Potapova explained why there are so many tennis novels

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 11:47:15

Anastasia Potapova, despite all the weather obstacles, managed to take her Roland Garros second round match against Victoria Golubic to victory. And then she answered the “Championship” questions about the game, the constant rains and the delights of tennis romance.

– Today your game was interrupted just before service for the match… – I was very angry. In fact, of course, we already have experience. Now it turns out that I haven’t played tennis for two days. It was very uncomfortable to play. It seems like nothing, but in a nervous environment it has its effect. The most difficult game for everyone is the first. I passed it, but since there was no tennis for two days, it felt like I was playing the first round again. Furthermore, Golubic is not a very comfortable player: she cuts and hits. But I’m glad I made it and finished what I started.

– You say it was uncomfortable, but in the end it seems like everything is easy. – Yes, apparently Golubich was even more uncomfortable. He didn’t expect this. I saw his match with Krejcikova. Yes, Krejcikova is not in the best shape, but she is a Roland Garros champion and you also have to try to beat her. I was surprised by Golubic’s level of play today. It seems to me that she played at 30%, and I didn’t let her play.

—What did you think when the game was interrupted? “Before that, I won eight goals in a row after a break. Besides, she lost them herself, I didn’t really participate in it. But it’s very strange. I was sure that nothing would stop me from finishing the match. But the judge came out and said we had to close the court because it could rain. I say, “Give it a chance to rain.” It’s like the day before yesterday that they didn’t open the fields for training because they expected rain.

– Is there no way to pressure, to convince? “I pushed it a little bit this morning.” I don’t do this often, but I didn’t have the strength today. I came for the warm-up, which I did from 9:00 to 9:30 in the morning. And 10 minutes before entering the field they began to close them. I’m like, “Wait, what’s going on?” They talk to me again about the rain. I already called the tournament director and told him: “I’m not training for the third day, I have to play the first outing. If I don’t warm up now, there is a high risk of injury, that’s too much.” In the end I managed to warm up a little.

— Yesterday, after the match, Tsitsipas was asked about the advantages of tennis novels and he explained with understanding their charms. Is the same thing happening with you and your husband Sasha Shevchenko? – Yes, we are from the same profession, we have the same objectives. We understand everything like no one else. Even now, it started to rain again, the courts were closed, although Sasha should have gone to play. Conventionally, if my husband were a hockey player, he would tell him, “I’m not going to your game because I need to rest.” Most likely, the person will feel offended. And here Sasha himself takes me home to rest, asking me not to wait for him to leave. I’m not sure I’d follow his advice haha. We have complete understanding and acceptance of the situation, we understand why we are doing this.

—Is this the main reason why there are more tennis couples now? – It seems to me that it has always been like this. The thing is that not everything reaches journalists. There are many people who know each other and date. It’s just that maybe sometimes it doesn’t translate into relationships. But many boys communicate with girls, we see it on tour. There are simply more official couples now.

– Because it’s easier this way? – Where else can girls meet a guy? For example, I don’t have time to go somewhere or take a walk. Girls don’t get the chance to meet anyone who isn’t on tour. You have to go somewhere for this, and you have tournaments and training. There is no other option. In addition, men and girls see each other more often. Whether you like it or not, you will begin to communicate. And that’s great.

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