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Where to ride Sapah in Russia? 7 incredibly beautiful places

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Where to ride Sapah in Russia? 7 incredibly beautiful places

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Want to enjoy the views from the water but don’t know where to go? We solve this problem together with an expert!

Tranquility, peace and unity with the water element – that’s what this sport gives. SUP surfing differs from the usual one in a measured rhythm and in that it is necessary to control the process with the help of a paddle. The popularity of sports entertainment is constantly increasing, so there is a need to open new places for rafting.

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We will tell you about seven places where you must go to ride Sap and enjoy the picturesque view.

Nugush River, Urals

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Mighty fir trees tower over the rocks along the river, protected areas are equipped here, and from the water you can see the Kuperlya waterfall, the natural karst bridge and the Leader’s Rock. At the end of the trip, travelers will have a captivating view of the Nugush reservoir, where you can relax like a “savage” or in one of the many recreation centers. During rafting, there are many places where the connection does not take anything, and the route goes between the mountains. At these moments, mysticism and a surge of energy are felt at the same time.

Ladoga Skerries, Karelia

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There is no dense vegetation in Karelia, but the landscapes still amaze with their colors. This place conquers your heart at any time of the year. If the water is calm, rafting can even turn into meditation with a paddle in hand. Endless expanses and small islands with beautiful moss leave no one indifferent.

Ruskeala quarry, Karelia

Photo: www.istockphoto.com

This place is very popular among tourists, so solitude can be found here only at the time of the opening of the season. The spaciousness and grandeur are astounding, and the marble patterns contrast with the color of the water, which changes from brilliant green to deep blue depending on the season, weather, and lighting. In addition to riding in Sapah, there is something to do here: excursions, hiking trails, a rope park with trolls just above the blue expanse of a quarry.

Lake Baikal, Eastern Siberia

Photo: www.istockphoto.com

The boundless cold lake is distinguished by the unique atmosphere of shamanistic rituals and legends. The most famous shaman’s rock is one of the 10 sanctuaries of Asia, where, according to legend, the spirit of Baikal lives. From the water, the mountainous terrain looks very beautiful, resembling giants lying on the shore. It is impossible to remain indifferent when traveling on this amazing lake.

Lake Kezenoy-Am, Caucasus

Photo: www.istockphoto.com

It is located on the border of Chechnya and Dagestan, and can only be reached by prepared off-road vehicles. But lovers of the exotic, crazy romantics and hunters of new experiences, surely it will not leave you indifferent. The lake is located at an altitude of 1854 m above sea level and delights with crystal clear water, mountain slopes and flowering meadows.

Route “Zhigulevskaya around the world”

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This rafting takes place on the Volga and starts from the plateau, but over time, a diverse rocky terrain appears. From the water wonderful views of many villages, monasteries, Sokoly mountains, as well as the cities of Tolyatti and Samara open. If you raft this route in the first half of July, there is a chance to get to the Grushinsky festival. You can stop there, listen to bardic songs and take part in creative or sporting events.


Photo: www.istockphoto.com

The best option, after adjusting to the local weather and climate, is to start rafting down the Avacha River, which offers a magnificent view of the Kozelsky, Achinsky and Karyakinsky volcanoes. Sailing past them, it is hard to believe the reality of the picture: in the distance there are snow-capped hills and sprawling willows near the coast. The landscapes become especially colorful in autumn. While rafting in Kamchatka, you can enjoy delicious food, meet the sunrise in the Pacific Ocean, visit hot springs, swim in the icy waters of Kamchatka’s rivers and lakes, and even visit the ship graveyard.

Prepare everything you need and go on an incredible journey through the waters of Russia. Do not forget about water safety. We are sure that you and your friends will remember this experience for a long time.

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