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Which men’s jeans are in fashion now: a complete review and 35 photos with examples

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 20:32:15

Jeans are an essential item of clothing in everyone’s wardrobe at any age. They make it easy to create elegant looks for different occasions. A walk in the park, an active holiday or going to a restaurant: jeans are suitable for every occasion. But finding the perfect match can sometimes be a task with an asterisk. Eyes open when the stores are full of different models. Let’s talk to the stylist about how to choose jeans and not make mistakes.

expert in men’s and women’s style, stylist-image creator

“Men usually buy not only fashionable clothes, but also practical clothes. Therefore, you cannot do without several pairs of jeans. It often happens that a man likes to wear only jeans. It’s easy to explain. Jeans are the most versatile wardrobe item. They are easily combined with other things and are designed for different events. I tell you which models to pay attention to and how to create a harmonious image.”

Fashion styles

In 2024, designers will offer seven models of stylish men’s jeans. Each one has its own interesting features and details. Some are suitable for any occasion, while others will help you diversify your wardrobe and create bold looks. Below I will tell you about versatile and fashionable men’s jeans. Let’s take a closer look at each style.

wide jeans

2000s style is making a comeback in both women’s and men’s fashion. Nowadays, many brands present some of the most current models. They are wide and baggy jeans.

Tuyo wide jeans, 2999 RUB.

Is this your photo

This model has a comfortable fit. Unlike tighter jeans, baggy jeans will be loose in the hips and calves. This roomy silhouette is very comfortable and creates a relaxed look.

Wide jeans can be combined with any top. Feel free to choose T-shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts and even jackets in basic shades. For footwear, sneakers with thick soles, sneakers or boots are suitable.

MAAG wide leg jeans, 3999 RUB.

Photo: MAAG

Cargo jeans

Another model that is equally relevant between men and women. The main feature of cargo jeans is their large patch pockets. They are usually located on the hips. The cargo silhouette comes in two types: straight and slightly tapered.

Sela cargo jeans, 4,299 rubles.

Photo: Sela

With this style you can create completely different looks. For a sporty look, choose loose-fitting T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. For footwear, sneakers, sneakers or Chelsea boots are suitable.

By the way, cargo jeans are usually made of durable fabric. They are difficult to stretch, break or ruin in the washing machine if you follow the recommendations. Therefore, they will be an ideal option for practical men.

O’stin cargo jeans, 4,599 rubles.

Photo: Austin

Jeans with patches

This model will be appreciated by fashion lovers. It is impossible to go unnoticed with patchwork jeans. Its main feature is the combination of different pieces of fabric. Often of different color, density and texture. Lapels usually have a simple shape: a square or rectangle.

In a patchwork look, the accent element is jeans. Therefore, you must combine them carefully. T-shirts, shirts, long sleeves and jackets in basic tones are suitable. It is not advisable to wear clothes with prints, as the image may look outdated.

SV77 patchwork jeans, 106,700 rubles.

Photo: SV77

Straight jeans

Straight jeans are still in fashion. They are very popular among men who view trends more conservatively. Feel free to choose that model if it’s for you.

Gloria Jeans straight jeans, 3999 RUB.

Photo: Gloria Jeans

Straight jeans always look stylish, regardless of trends. Its characteristic is the same width from the hip to the ankle. These jeans are usually discreet, with classic pockets, studs and simple stitching. The shades are also basic and will fit into any wardrobe.

Straight jeans go with everything. You can wear a t-shirt, shirt, sweater or jacket and look stylish. Anything from shoes is also suitable: sneakers, sneakers, shoes, boots, moccasins.

IDOL straight jeans, 12,990 rubles.

Photo: IDOL

Low rise jeans

Low waist is in fashion and, again, echoes of the style of the 2000s. But here it is important to choose the right model. Today, a low rise will look trendy with loose, slightly baggy jeans. Stores also offer options with wear, broken parts or a cooking effect.

Low-rise Finn Flare jeans, 4,599 rubles.

Photo: Finn Flare

Low-rise jeans create a relaxed, casual look suitable for parties and walks around town. No need to come up with complex combinations. Loose t-shirts, shirts or long sleeves will fit perfectly.

Marc O’Polo low-rise jeans, 15,990 rubles. /Fashion

Photo: Lamoda

Ripped jeans

With ripped jeans today, the story is the same as with low-rise jeans. This model may look elegant, but you must choose the right style and design. What should you pay attention to?

It is important to understand that ripped jeans add carelessness and rebellion to the look. Your wardrobe should match this style. Oversized T-shirts, sneakers, sweatshirts, and plaid shirts pair well with ripped jeans.

Ripped Terranova jeans, 2,599 rubles.

It’s also good if ripped jeans aren’t the only pair in your wardrobe. They will add variety, but it’s hard to call them “base.”

The next point is that baggy, ripped jeans look modern. It is advisable to choose basic colors: light blue, dark blue. These are universal shades. They can even be combined with striking colors and original designs.

Ripped jeans from Tom Tailor, 7999 rubles.

Photo: Tom Taylor

old jeans

This model came back into fashion last year and has not lost ground yet. Vintage jeans reflect the styles of decades past and create an unusual look. Wide models with a low waist look especially modern. Among the current designs, the reduced effect, large pockets and worn out ones predominate.

Vintage BLCV jeans, 17,900 rubles.

Photo: BLCV

For a vintage look, pair jeans with 50s-style shirts, V-neck sweaters or printed T-shirts. Accessories include leather belts and watches. And chunky boots will make the retro style more evident.

If you don’t like these experiments, wear a hoodie and a t-shirt of a neutral tone. You will get a modern look with a vintage touch.

Vintage Befree jeans, 3,999 rubles.

Photo: Befree

jeans designs

In fashion, not only the styles and cuts of jeans change, but also their design. For example, a couple of years ago the trend was increases. Today, that image seems irrelevant. Therefore, when buying jeans you have to pay attention to all the details. Color, material and even length play an important role. Let’s find out how a man can choose stylish, comfortable and functional jeans.

What is the fashion length?

Today, both short and exaggeratedly long jeans are popular, especially in models with wide legs. The first option allows you to show off your shoes and create a light and casual look. The second adds dynamism and relaxation.

But if you’re a fan of classic straight-leg jeans, it’s important to avoid this common mistake. The length should be such that the ankle does not form many folds. Otherwise, you will feel like the jeans are too big for you.

In straight models, as in classic trousers, it is desirable to have a fold. This way the image will look more collected and elegant.

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What colors are trending?

Men’s fashion is more static than women’s. Therefore, when choosing the color, everything is much simpler and clearer here.

Jeans in all shades of blue are still in fashion, from light to dark blue. This color spectrum allows you to create different looks. Lighter tones give the look a casual look, while deeper, richer tones add austerity. Models ranging from light gray to black are also relevant. The images in this range are easy to combine and style for any occasion.

In the summer season, pay attention to white and beige jeans. These colors will bring freshness and lightness to the men’s wardrobe. The image will look more expensive and interesting. These jeans also pair well with linen shirts, t-shirts or light-colored jackets.

O’stin white loose jeans, 3999 RUB.

Photo: O’stin

Quality materials

Traditionally, jeans are made from 100% cotton denim. This natural fabric is durable, provides good breathability and comfort during use. But pure cotton jeans are not as stretchy. Therefore, you can pay attention to options with a synthetic fiber content of 1 to 5%. These jeans will be comfortable and durable.

The finish also plays an important role in durability. Denim with minimal processing retains its natural color and durability. Washing and cooking add unique distressed effects. But the fabric is softening. To help your jeans last longer and maintain their appearance, you should avoid overwashing them and follow the care instructions.

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style tips

Fashion trends often arise from street style. Today we live in a time in which everyone can create their own looks and combinations. It is not necessary to always focus only on trends.

The way we wear jeans and other clothing inspires designers around the world to find new ideas. Then they add their own touch and bring new styles to the runway. This is how trends have been born for many decades in a row. But what is the best way to combine jeans?

You should pay attention to the tones and saturation of both the denim and the blouse. For example, light jeans are best paired with a muted or monochromatic blouse. Try to avoid combinations with bright, saturated shades. They can create a strong contrast.

Modis straight jeans, 2199 rubles.

Photo: Modis

Dark denim jeans are more versatile and allow you to experiment with different colors and top styles. Both rich and lighter shades are suitable here.

Men’s fashion is static. Therefore, jeans will be relevant for all the coming seasons. Among the most popular options, of course, are the classic models. They are distinguished by their conciseness, practicality and versatility.

Classic straight-leg jeans suit a variety of styles, from casual to business. They can be combined with shirts, T-shirts and sweaters, and in the cold season – with jackets, coats, jackets. The straight cut favorably emphasizes the figure, and the comfortable fit of these models makes them more comfortable.

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