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Which players should be picked up from Sevilla. The winner of the LE put the entire squad up for sale

Date: June 14, 2024 Time: 18:19:35

On the morning of June 30, the president of Sevilla, Pepe Castro, informed the club’s management of a debt of 90 million euros, an amount that had to be returned urgently, for which a radical step had to be taken. : all the players of the main team were put on transfer. Also, a couple of big sales won’t solve the problem. You need to part with several players at once in order not only to close the debt, but also to plan the new season, sign newcomers and at the same time build a competitive team ready to fight for trophies and play in the Champions League. The economic difficulties surprised the bosses of Seville. It was for this reason that sports director Monchi left the club, he simply did not want to participate in the sale of the squad.

This is how strange the year is for Sevilla. Last season, the team came to a fight for survival, fixed everything in the spring, traditionally won the Europa League, and despite the 12th place in the championship, reached the Champions League. And now I have to sell the players. And there really are people in the team who could leave and bring profit to the club. We are talking about the ten most expensive players on the team.

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Yassine Bono

Role: goalie. Age: 32 years Price (hereinafter – according to Transfermarkt): 12 million euros Contract period: 2025

Yassine Bono

Photo: Clive Rose/Getty Images

One of Sevilla’s most desired players is Bono. By goalkeeper standards, he’s an excellent age, plus an elegant performance behind him at the World Cup in Qatar. There, the Moroccan dragged on, conceding five goals in six games and helping his team sensationally reach the semi-finals. In addition, Bono conceded four goals out of five from France and Croatia, and before that he played three times “to nil”.

In the last Spanish championship, Bono, like the rest of the Sevilla players, did not perform in the best way (41 goals conceded in 25 games), but he showed himself not only in Qatar, but also in the Europa League. Yassin entered the top ten goalkeepers in the tournament in terms of percentage of saved shots (79.2) and goals prevented (1.7), and at the same time made the symbolic team.

There are enough applicants for Bono. In winter, Bayern wanted to sign him, and now Tottenham, Aston Villa and Inter are reportedly interested. In addition, Al-Nasr targeted Yassin, so it is possible that next season the goalkeeper will have a fat contract and play in the same team with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Marcos Acuna

Role: left defender. Age: 31 years Price: 10 million euros Contract period: 2025

Marcos Acuna

Photo: Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Acuña, like Bono, stood out in the World Championships, but also took the trophy. In Qatar, Marcos played six games (four at the base), including the final, where he came on as a substitute in the second half. In general, Acuña, although he never played for a club of a higher category than Sevilla, accumulated many titles. He was proclaimed champion in his homeland, won cups in Portugal with Sporting and scored a hat-trick with the national team: the Copa América, the Finalissima and the World Cup.

Acuña had a good season with Sevilla, especially in the context of swing results. 30 matches in the Example (3 + 2 goals + pass), eight – in the Europa League. During this time, he did not receive a single injury, so another two or three years at a high level, the Argentine can be safely retired. Yes, and the price is not exorbitant.

Gonzalo Montiel

Role: right defender. Age: 26 years. Price: €12 million Contract period: 2026 year.

Gonzalo Montiel

Photo: Clive Rose/Getty Images

The parade of heroes of the 2022 World Cup continues. Montiel was not only proclaimed world champion together with Acuña, but also converted a decisive penalty in the final series with France. And this despite the fact that Gonzalo was not the team’s main player and he went to base only once, running a total of 116 minutes throughout the tournament. Of course, and at the Montiel club he did not always start: fifteen hundred minutes in the Example and another 300 in the Europa League.

And yet, the merit speaks for itself. Although Montiel is not always in a position to compete on equal terms with veteran Jesús Navas at Sevilla, his world champion status and excellent age allow the club to have the benefit of selling him. True, there are no rumors of interest yet.

Joan Jordan

Role: central midfielder Age: 28 years. Price: €9 million Contract period: 2027 year.

Joan Jordan

Photo: Stefano Guidi/Getty Images

Jordan is a fixture at Sevilla. Last season he played 23 league games (1,596 minutes and one assist) and five in the Europa League (231 minutes, one goal). In the championship, he became the third in the team to promote passes (123), but at the same time he acted from depth and rarely dragged the ball into someone else’s goal on his own, allowing his teammates to fulfill those functions.

Jordan has a long-term contract on his hands, but he’s not yet 30 years old. Yes, and it is very easy to imagine such a hardworking midfielder in another Spanish midfielder. There is only one question left: how profitable is it that Sevilla can part with it?

Oliver Torres

Role: central midfielder Age: 28 years. Price: €9 million Contract period: 2024

Oliver Torres

Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images

Torres, as befits Atlético’s pupils with such a surname, at one point showed great promise. He was several times at Porto and in 2019 he was bought by Sevilla for 11 million euros. Since then, Oliver has been constantly in the cage. Last season, the midfielder played 32 games in LaLiga (2,152 minutes and 3+1 in goals and assists), and in the Europa League he started every game, except the return against Manchester United in the quarterfinals (509 minutes and an assist).

Torres’ advance of the ball in the championship was almost at the level of Ivan Rakitic (38 advances against 42 for the Croat), Oliver also lost only to a teammate experienced in sharpening passes (136 against 148). Sevilla’s main problem: Torres’ contract expires next year, making the club’s position, no longer the most convenient, even more vulnerable in the context of the sale. Oliver himself, two days before the news of the debt, described his future as uncertain and said that Sevilla needed to decide what to do next.

lucas ocampos

Role: rightmost. Age: 28 years. Price: €12 million Contract period: 2024

lucas ocampos

Photo: Maja Hitij/Getty Images

Ocampos has been Sevilla’s most desired player for several years. Last season, the tall Argentinian winger (187 cm) was not as good as before: 4+3 goals + passes in 19 La Liga games and 1+2 in nine Europa League games.

Ocampos is the second Sevilla player for transfer value, but there is a problem. First, Lucas turns 29 this month, and second, his contract expires next year. Even due to age, Ocampos’ price tag has collapsed: at its peak three years ago, a soccer player cost €50 million. It turns out an unpleasant story for Sevilla: a quality player is unlikely to sell for a price. high.

And yet, there seems to be a contender for Ocampos. Sky Sports reported at the end of June that Fulham were in talks for Lucas and were willing to pay Sevilla 15 million euros. The amount is not cosmic, but it is appropriate, given the circumstances. The club can close a sixth of the debt in a single operation.

eric lamela

Role: rightmost. Age: 31 years Price: €9 million Contract period: 2024

eric lamela

Photo: Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

The peak of Lamela’s career is over, but at Sevilla he is still useful. In La Liga last season he played 32 games (1843 minutes) and scored six goals, and in the Europa League he scored 2 + 1 goals + passes in eight games (349 minutes). As part of Sevilla, only Jesús Navas (162 vs. 207) received more promotion passes than Lamela (162 vs.

The problems with the sale of Lamela remain the same. The winger is 31 years old, the contract expires next summer and the price is not especially profitable. It seems that the club is now dreaming of an offer from Saudi Arabia.

Youssef En-Nesiri

Role: center forward. Age: 26 years. Price: 20 million euros Contract period: 2025

Youssef En-Nesiri

Photo: Maja Hitij/Getty Images

The main diamond in the “Sevilla”. En-Nesiri hit a whole jackpot: having won the World Cup (two goals, one of which knocked Portugal out of the playoffs), he scored eight goals in the Example and four more in the Europa League. And this without six goals in the Champions League and the Spanish Cup.

The sale of En-Nesiri under current conditions is the most logical step. According to the contract, the striker has two years left, the age is ideal, the price is the highest in the team. The only problem is the player himself. Sevilla were ready to sell him in the winter, but En-Nesiri turned West Ham down and now he’s not eager to leave either. Youssef is happy in the current team, while Newcastle plan to offer €35m for him, so it’s up to Sevilla, it seems the striker will have to be persuaded.

Rafael Mir

Role: center forward. Age: 26 years. Price: 10 million euros Contract period: 2027 year.

rafael world

Photo: Fran Santiago/Getty Images

Another player who can bring money to Sevilla is Rafa Mir. The versatile striker (capable of playing in any attacking position) last season did not take the field as much as he would have liked, but he still managed to score: six goals in 26 games Examples (1296 minutes) and 1+2 goals + passes in four matches of the Spanish Cup. Regarding expected goals in the championship, Rafa only lost to En-Nesiri in the team (7.4 xG vs 8.1), that is, he clearly knows how to look for chances.

Mir is on a long-term contract, so Sevilla should feel relatively comfortable negotiating a possible sale. Just waiting for an offer.

Who else deserves attention at Sevilla?

There are other players too. For example, the attacking midfielder Óscar Rodríguez, 25, who is estimated at 8 million euros. The problem is that the team is largely dragged by veterans -Jesús Navas (37) and Iván Rakitic (35). You won’t be able to get much money for them. And this in case you don’t remember Fernando and Papa Gómez (both 35 years old). It will not be easy for Sevilla to earn money in this transfer window, but there is no other option.

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