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Who is a sigma male and why is he cooler than the alpha? 4 signs of a type and examples from real men.

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 17:50:23

Sigma males can be recognized as heroes of action films and psychological dramas. For example, John Wick or Tyler Durden from Fight Club. They are bright, mysterious, show strength, but at the same time they do not strive for leadership in the usual sense.

This is how social media users described the type of man that has become fashionable in recent years. Sigmas are a very cinematic image, but in real life you can find people with similar qualities. Why is this guy so attractive? Let’s solve it together with a psychologist.

What is a sigma male?

business psychologist, clinical psychologist “Doctor Anikina’s Clinic”

“It is worth mentioning right away that this definition is not scientific. Sigma Male is an online slang term popularized by memes, bloggers, and life coaches. However, it is in use and is worth disassembling. What traits are attributed to these men? Sigmas are self-sufficient, confident and independent. They are intelligent and adapt easily to situations. They are often contrasted with alpha males.”

Sigma does not fit into the traditional folk theory of the alpha-beta-gamma-omega-delta social hierarchy. It is often drawn in the shape of a pyramid, with alpha males at the top: leaders with power, respect, and public recognition. Further down there are types with less obvious characteristics.

Photo: SrdjanPav / istockphoto.com

Sigma had no place in it. The theory was criticized for being simplistic, outdated and out of touch with reality in 2010. American blogger Theodore Robert Beale provided another classification of types, including deltas, gammas, lambdas, sigmas, and omegas.

According to their concept, sigmas are men who are at the same level as alphas, that is, at the top of the classification, but outside the pyramid of the social hierarchy.

Sigmas do not obey anyone and do not depend on the opinions of others, they live by their own rules, without succumbing to external influences. They have great intelligence and developed creativity. Sigmas are attractive to women, but don’t get attached to them. A kind of “lone wolf” archetype that does not need a pack.

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Main traits of a sigma male

The characteristics of the new personality type are very conditional and do not have a clear gradation. They are usually created by social network users. But still, after analysis, we can identify several obvious characteristics of the type.

1. Self-sufficiency

The Sigma man does not need confirmation of his status, power, attractiveness and success from others. He does not seek approval, praise, attention or dependence from others. He trusts his skills, knowledge and experience. Confident in himself and his goals, he is not afraid to be different from others. He lives by his own rules and values, although he rarely violates the rights and freedoms of others.

2. Adaptability

The Sigma male is capable of adapting to any condition, circumstance, environment and person. He is not afraid of change, he takes risks easily. He prefers to learn from his own experience and mistakes, he can find a way out of any situation, solve a problem and achieve a goal.

Photo: Milan Markovic / istockphoto.com

3. Intelligence

The Sigma male is based on great intelligence, not just strength. He has the capacity for analysis, abstract and critical thinking, self-reflection and self-control. Without fear of difficult questions, contradictions and paradoxes. Sigmas love to learn, experiment, and discover new things.

4. Independence

The Sigma man is confident in his status and attractiveness, so he does not seek approval and is independent from others. He does not give in to pressure and easily neutralizes manipulation. Sigma interacts with other men on the basis of equality, respect and neutrality. He does not dominate them, but he does not submit to them either.

The sigma male differs from the alpha in that he does not seek a clear leadership position and does not seek recognition. He treats occupying high positions and hierarchy in the group with distrust and indifference. It is not so important for him to occupy the main place and have a generally accepted social status. He does not participate in the hierarchy, but he does not submit to it either.

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The role of the sigma male in society.

The Sigma man plays the role of an alternative, innovative and creative agent in society, energizing people with his example, ideas and actions. He demonstrates the ability to live and act differently, according to your choice, to be free in your desires and ways of achieving your goals.

Sigma contributes to changes in social consciousness, relationships and social structures, introducing diversity, innovation, creativity into society and, in many cases, being the basis of progress.

The sigma man is perceived differently in society, depending on the level of development, culture and values ​​of the society. Somewhere, sigma is a hero, leader, reformer and innovator. In other paradigms, he is a dangerous rebel and an uncontrollable dissident. In the third circle there is another discreet and unclaimed person.

Like any type of personality, it is worth considering it through the prism of negative and positive aspects. This will allow us to understand how a set of certain characteristics influence the emotional and psychological state of a person.

Photo: mpueroleonardo / istockphoto.com

Advantages of a sigma male

1. Freedom

Sigma is not limited by borders or conventions: his actions are based on personal preferences and experiences. For him, reproaches and public criticism are always left behind. He can allow you to change your mind when new contributions appear, to be yourself and not adapt to others.

2. Self-sufficiency

Sigma is deprived of a bouquet of emotional torments and experiences, reflections and doubts about the correctness of actions. His decision is always a clearly planned action that is not subject to change. Live by your own rules and values. This is a luxury available to few.

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Cons of a sigma male

1. Loneliness

Due to his character, style of behavior and beliefs, Sigma does not have close friends. If you start a family, it is for convenience; He rarely joins any community. He does not need anyone’s support, warmth or belonging to any group.

2. High levels of stress

Sigma is constantly ready to fight, so he cannot relax, rest and forget. His internal attitudes do not give him the opportunity to be weak and ask for help, so due to constant pressure he may experience stress, irritation and seem aggressive.

Thus, the characteristics of a sigma man influence the emotional and psychological state of a man in different aspects. On the one hand, it is satisfaction, pride and meaning in your work and life. On the other hand, sigma, psychologically protecting himself from the outside world, he deprives himself of the opportunity to experience emotions. He becomes apathetic and emotionally disconnected.

Why is this guy interesting?

The concept of “sigma man” also has some importance in social psychology, since it reflects some trends and changes in modern society. In particular, the definition is associated with phenomena such as individualism, independence, resourcefulness and self-realization. These phenomena characterize modern man, who fights for freedom, self-expression, development and the meaning of life.

That is, the sigma male can be considered as one of the possible models of behavior and identity that meets modern needs and values. However, the psychotype has its limitations and risks. Sigma’s social interaction and cooperation skills may be affected.

Sigma is a very attractive image for the movie protagonist, with his own personal drama. The public loves him. In life, you should not become obsessed with a certain psychotype yet and should look for other characteristics in men. Reality is always much more interesting and broader than classifications.

Keanu Reeves as John Wick

Photo: still from the movie “John Wick”

Examples of sigma males in movies.

Movies are a fertile environment to portray the lone wolf type in all its glory, who acts outside the rules and achieves goals. If you want to look at them, the characters evoke a storm of feelings and questions. They are multifaceted and the motives for their actions are not always fully understood.

Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

A rich and successful financier does not follow moral and legal restrictions, but rather satisfies his desires. He does not depend on the opinions of others, but he knows how to fake and manipulate them. He is not looking for friendship, love and family.

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman

Photo: still from the movie “American Psycho”

Tyler Durden from Fight Club

A charismatic hero does not obey rules or authorities, but creates his own. He does not need material goods, status or membership in a social group, he values ​​freedom.

Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden

Photo: still from the movie “Fight Club”

Walter White from Breaking Bad

A former teacher becomes a drug dealer to support his family. After receiving a cancer diagnosis, he does not accept a passive role, but rather takes control of his life and is not afraid to take risks. He does not listen to advice, but trusts himself, his intuition and his feelings.

Bryan Lee Cranston as Walter White

Photo: still from the series “Breaking Bad”

Examples of real sigma males

If you are not strictly picky about the classification, in addition to film and fictional characters, the sigma type can also be identified among people in the real world. This is, as a rule, a famous and outstanding person who not only created a unique work, but was also able to influence the minds of many, ignite and inspire them. Who, for example, can be on this list?

George Orwell – writer, journalist, literary critic

He wrote on topics that were unusual and provocative for his time. Orwell was dedicated to his ideas and no event could influence his internal guidelines. He lived according to his own principles, without striving for fame and wealth. For the writer it was more important to convey his views to the public.

George Orwell

Photo: From History/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Jimi Hendrix – guitarist, singer, composer

He did not imitate other popular musicians, but instead sought his own sound. He did not belong to any of the current trends, but rather experimented and sought his own style. He did not rely on recommendations from producers and labels, but instead recorded music himself and performed with it.

Jimi Hendrix

Photo: Central Press/Getty Images

Quentin Tarantino – film director, screenwriter, actor, producer

He made many films that became cult classics. At the beginning of his work, his scripts did not conform to film standards, he had conflicts with the producers, but he chose his own direction and created original works. He is not afraid to surprise, he is not afraid to provoke the viewer, he is ready for criticism and treats it with indifference.

Quentin Tarantino

Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Eminem – musician, composer, producer

He created his own music without succumbing to criticism or the pressure of competition. He expressed his views and feelings through his songs, without fear of being misinterpreted. The public did not immediately accept the compositions of the young musician, but Eminem did not give up and continued to strive for success. For the singer it was important to show the world what he was capable of.


Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

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