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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Why do anglers spend so much money on equipment? Pros and cons of cheap and expensive fishing

Date: May 25, 2024 Time: 16:53:57

expert in hydromotor management of the federal sports equipment network Globaldrive

To choose the perfect option, you need to understand what kind of water you are going to fish in, how many days, alone or in a company, whether comfort is important to you. At the same time, fishing experience does not always determine your choice.

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Is it important to know how to use it?

Yes, fishing experience, knowledge of the area, and just fishing instinct will be an asset even on a raft. But that is not the point. Recently, our team conducted an experiment in the Kama Reservoir in Tatarstan. Even though the newcomer to fishing had all the latest technological innovations, he couldn’t beat the connoisseur and master of the sport of fishing in a simple PVC boat. After all, he didn’t know every corner of Kama as his professional rival, moreover, he was also a local resident.

If you have at least a slight idea of ​​where the best bite is, a technically perfect boat and engine will help you a lot. After all, you will have at your disposal an echo sounder that determines depth differences (very important, for example, for “flowing” fish and not only), as well as technically perfect navigation and much more.

Even in the choice of fishing tackle and equipment (rods, reels and much more), experience is not always a decisive factor. You can buy the cheapest game, break it on the first fishing trip and only after a while find your golden mean. And you can immediately buy reputable brands and go fishing with ease, even without the proper experience.

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How much does it cost to go at high and low tide?

If we talk about average small rivers, reservoirs in Russia and the CIS and their meandering canals and lakes as a place for fishing, then a simple inflatable boat and an outboard motor will suit you. Although even here the fishermen manage to compete with each other and gradually “grow” the boats.

I have often come across situations when a fisherman in the spring, having decided to save money, buys the first 310 cm boat and a 5 hp outboard motor, and in the summer he runs to change the 360 ​​cm boat and the 9.9 hp motor All because it is more comfortable. After all, only when he gets into real conditions, he understands what is really valuable, and the budget problem gradually fades into the background. The described format still fits the amount of up to 300 thousand rubles.

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Great waters: seas, oceans, large lakes, reservoirs and mighty rivers – this is where we talk not only about comfort, but also about safety. Here my words are confirmed by the results of our experiment in the Kama reservoir, where the elements love to roam. Here it is simply vital to buy the best, including swimming facilities.

Sometimes even on the reservoir the waves can reach 1.5 m, which is already talking about the sea or ocean. Such “fidgeting” on high water is most safely overcome by outboard motors with a power of at least 100-200 hp. and medium and large boats with a closed cabin. Thanks to this configuration, it simply glides along the ridges, bypassing the pitch. Naturally, the amount of such transport is already approaching 10 million rubles. But the life of the fisherman and his equipment is completely safe.

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Who is suitable for fishing for 300 thousand and 10 million rubles?

Therefore, a budget of 100-300 thousand rubles is a great start for those who finally decided to move from “fishing from the shore” to “fishing on the water.” For this amount, you can buy an inflatable boat, for example, 335 cm, a boat engine up to 10 horsepower, and fishing equipment. As a general rule, small boats and low-powered motors can go out to sea, but don’t go too far from the coast. In the event of a storm, there is a risk of not returning. Before going to sea, it is best to check how many kilometers you are allowed to sail from land in your region and in your transport.

Fishing for 10 million rubles, of course, is suitable for those who, first of all, the budget allows and who have already “grown up” without a budget. Secondly, it lives and fishes in high-water areas, for example, in Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Murmansk, Primorye, southern Russia, near the Volga and Lena. Thirdly, fishing for you is not only a sporting interest, but also a hobby, and possibly a status. On ships you can travel quite comfortably for a couple of days with a company of 4-8 people. Imagine, you’re fishing with all the technical bells and whistles, and your friends and family are having fun sunbathing on the deck. Dream life!

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Why do anglers still prefer expensive fishing?

Experienced fishermen still prefer to go out into big water in powerful boats and motors, renting them at local bases.

First of all, the seas, oceans and large rivers are a new level of pleasure. The fish here are vigorous, the bite is sharp, the variety of aquatic inhabitants is large, which means that there is a chance to thoroughly study their behavior, as well as hone their fishing skills and get a healthy dose of adrenaline. And, of course, in such waters, as I said above, powerful boats are more of a necessity than a whim.

Secondly, the most expensive ships are now almost all equipped with the latest technology. He is not afraid of engine breakdowns, pitching, shallow water – he controls everything on the dashboard with the remote control and sensors.

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Thirdly, it is style and comfort. On big ships you feel like you can’t worry about any element. There is a cabin for relaxing and a terrace for actively spending time. Such vehicles are often equipped with electricity and even a shower. If you are planning long trips through the water area, these things are generally indispensable.

The choice of inexpensive or expensive fishing is yours, and your skills aren’t always the deciding factor here. Only by experience can you really understand where your golden mean is.

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