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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Will there be room for Zakharyan in Sarribol? We tell you who is really interested in Arsene

Date: May 19, 2024 Time: 14:17:44


In the last month there has been a lot of information about interest in Dynamo Ajax, Feyenoord, Genoa, Strasbourg, but Lazio are considered the most realistic contenders, with whom it seems that almost an agreement has been reached. If the negotiations are really close to completion, one can only be happy for the player. Last season for Arsene turned out to be controversial. It even seemed that he stopped in development. Moving to a more competitive environment will do you good.

However, many were quick to criticize him. For example, according to the “goal + pass” system, it remained at about the same level, but in terms of the number of goals (four against seven), it sank, especially since Slavisa Jokanovic did not use it in attack, but in the middle of the game. field.

At the same time, brilliant dribbling, passing play and the ability to move the ball forward in a variety of ways are still in his arsenal, as is ball control. By the way, a distinctive feature of Arsene is a tendency to long-range blows. He has it on, but sometimes it gives the impression that the player is in a hurry with the shots because of the area.


Lazio can be considered a very interesting option. First, Rome is a beautiful city. In second place, the “biancocelesti”, for a second, the silver medalist of the previous Serie A draw. Third, the club’s manager, Maurizio Sarri, is known for his ability to make interesting football based on the possession of the ball.

Fourth, the club has just parted ways with star Sergei Milinkovich-Savic, so they will be forced to rebuild. Anyway, in any case, the Romans will soon have to update: last season, more than six times in their starting eleven, only one player under the age of 28 came out. The talented youth in the Eternal City will clearly be in their place.

If we talk about Sarri, it should be noted that despite all the wealth of his career, he did not stay anywhere for more than three years. He worked a lot in Cavrilia, Sansovino, Empoli and Napoli. Now, in his third season, Sarri arrives at Lazio. Attempts to prove his worth in such giant clubs as Chelsea and Juventus showed that he was read in advance: the mentor needs time to build complex interactions on the field, so the maximum result does not come immediately. Yes, and he himself feels in the spotlight (and in such teams there is no other way) uncomfortable.

At the same time, given enough time, Sarri builds quality football. This is how it was in Napoli, as evidenced by the increase in the number of points scored: 82 – 86 – 91. Lazio confirmed the rule, adding 10 points in the second season.


If the deal goes through (they say it’s being delayed because the Eagles intend to loan the midfielder in the first year), Zakharyan will need time to adjust. In the event of a loan, he will acclimatise in Italy, but he will have to get used to Sarri’s tactic separately (provided, of course, he will still be at the helm a year from now). Well, if the idea of ​​u200bu200brenting is abandoned, everything will be even more interesting.

Sarri football involves control of the ball and chaotically organized movement around the field. In general, Zakharyan’s excellent technical equipment and passing ability are excellent for current Lazio. Arsene knows Maurizio’s favorite 4-3-3 formation well, since he most often played for Dynamo according to this formation.

Now that the Saudis have removed Milinkovic-Savic from midfield three, the spot has been vacated and Zakharyan is very capable of fighting for it. At the same time, keep in mind that he looks brighter in attack and realizes his strengths more easily.


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The basic tenets of football according to Sarri:

– create an advantage through the search for free partners that open transfers between lines;

– creating triangles and “diamonds” (with three possible destinations) next to the player in possession of the ball, so that he has several options for developing an attack at once (in this sense, the former Italian banker is very similar to Pep Guardiola );

– create tension in the opponent’s defense through the rush of players from depth;

– high and active pressure with counter pressure, in which the players are included immediately after the loss;

– get control of the game through possession, but not sterile, but constantly looking for opportunities to advance (so the percentage of possession is not the highest – fourth (2021/22) and eighth (2022/23) in Serie A, but the number of passes is enormous: first (2021/22) and second (2022/23) places).

Sarri doesn’t like long passes from goalkeepers or defenders, so when the opponent is actively pressing closer to the defense, a midfield person should step forward to create a numerical advantage and break the pressure. This role is performed by Danilo Cataldi.

At the same time, Maurizio always had a fresh and creative midfielder who led the attacks, revealing himself in that football: Mirko Valdifiori at Empoli, Jorginho at Napoli and Chelsea, Miralem Pjanic at Juventus, and at Lazio this role was shared by Luis Alberto and Milinkovic- Savic. This approach allows you to relatively calmly take the ball out of the goal through short passes, breaking the pressure and at the same time not stagnating, but advancing it to a third of the opponent’s field.


It turns out that the ability to make almost any pass can be considered Arsene’s key ability for Lazio Sarri: in case of active pressure from the opponent, he will be able to move the ball forward without delaying the rhythm of the attack and, among other things, find medium passes that break into the free space of the players of the attacking group. And if the opponent plays with a low defensive block, high-quality vertical passes that destroy the defense will come in handy.

Among the conspicuous difficulties, we note, perhaps, the key – Zakharyan will definitely have to strongly pump the game without the ball. The peculiarity of building an attacking game allows Sarri’s wards to immediately join the team after a defeat, and not one on one, but at the same time by a group of players, organizing effective counter-pressure. With this approach, the coach cannot keep a player on the field who falls out of the game after turnovers. Arsene must remember this on the first day.

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But Zakharyan may well help solve the problem of a small number of shots (he was among Dynamo’s top 3 players on this indicator last season) per game: 13th and 14th place in previous seasons in Serie A. His love for long distance shots. coupled with the ability to move the ball forward will come in handy, because Ciro Immobile is a top-tier stylish striker who could well help Arsen open up as a dispatcher.

Now it seems that signing for Lazio would be a very interesting decision. And with any subsequent development of events. In an ideal scenario, Zakharyan quickly understands how the new team plays and joins the starting lineup. Well, in the worst case, he goes on loan to a club with a similar style of play, where he continues to get used to European football. And then it all depends on the perseverance and willingness to plow up to the seventh sweat of Arsen himself.


Director – Marusic, Casale, Romagnoli, Husay – Zakharian, Cataldi, Luis Alberto – Felipe Anderson, Immobile, Zaccagni.

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