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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Yalta Mukhtar and other stories about the love and devotion of dogs

Date: June 14, 2024 Time: 17:41:43

In August in Yalta, a dog named Mukhtar died after waiting 12 years for his owner to return. The dog came to the embankment every day and looked sadly at the sea. The owner of the Mukhtar sheepdog was an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, who died tragically in 2011. The dog was very affected by the loss and every day “took his place” in the hope of seeing his beloved owner again. .

All attempts by concerned people to take the dog home were unsuccessful. Mukhtar even refused to eat for the first few months. The dog became a kind of unspoken symbol of Yalta and the story of his fate spread throughout the world.


Photo: vk.com/in_yalta

There are many similar examples of four-legged devotion. But not all of us know them and the information has been preserved. At the same time, some stories were very moving and became ideas for fictional books and films. We have compiled the most striking examples of canine loyalty to draw attention again to the need to care for and love your pets.

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History of the Skye Terrier Bobby from Scotland

This little Edinburgh dog has become a true symbol of the city. The story of loyalty and sincere love for the owner was recorded and recorded by eyewitnesses in the 19th century. According to sources, in 1850, the old shepherd John Gray acquired a Sky Terrier dog. The dog became attached to his owner and never left his side. John named the dog Bobby. The favorite helped herd the flocks of sheep, went to church with the owner, and went to the city market.

After eight years of long friendship, the old shepherd died. A dog who was sent to a farm escaped and found his owner’s grave in Greyfriars Cemetery. Bobby settled there. Every day the dog could be seen next to the grave of its owner. Bobby lived at Greyfriars for 14 years. After the dog’s death, the inhabitants of Edinburgh, moved by his devotion, raised funds and erected a monument to the little Skye Terrier. The pedestal can still be seen at the entrance to the cemetery.

Bobby Monument

Photo: Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

The story of Pastor Palma from Moscow Vnukovo airport.

The dog became the hero of newspaper reports, documentaries and feature films. It was talked about throughout Russia and thousands of interested people wanted to take it home. A shepherd dog named Palma was abandoned on the runway at Vnukovo airport in 1976. He supervised the takeoffs and arrivals of Il-18 aircraft. As eyewitnesses noted, Palma accurately identified the aircraft modifications.

Journalist Yuri Rost gave greater publicity to the shepherd’s story on the catwalk. In his essay, he talked about an unusual dog who refused to leave the airport for two months, probably waiting for his owner. As we later learned, Palma was not allowed to board the Il-18 plane due to lack of a health certificate issued by a veterinarian. The owner had to leave the dog on the track.

Palma did not go to the airport employees and ran away from them. Only the great-granddaughter of the writer Ivan Kotlyarevsky managed to tame and gain trust. She was at Palma’s side for a month and a half before they managed to get her out of the airport.


Photo: raenza.ru

History of Captain German Shepherd from Argentina

A dog named Captain came to his master’s grave for six years and whimpered pitifully in the hope of seeing him again. The family of Argentine Miguel Guzmán bought the dog as a gift for his 13-year-old son in 2005. A year later, the father of the family died and the pet ran away from home.

The Captain was found a week later in the owner’s grave. The dog lay with its head down near the monument. Since then, the dog could be seen every day in the cemetery of the city of Villa Carlos Paz. The captain only occasionally went to his house to spend time with his family.


Photo: imgur.com

The story of Naida from Komsomolsk on the Amur.

Another example of Russian Hachiko remained in the memory of eyewitnesses in a city in the Khabarovsk Territory. For 12 years, the mixed-breed dog Naida arrived at the place where her owner was hit and killed by a car. At the time of the accident, the dog was next to the owner, but she managed to survive. However, after the tragedy, Naida did not want to leave the sidewalk where the accident occurred.

Concerned city residents tried to take Naidu home, but she steadfastly refused to leave the place where she was last near her owner. The volunteers built a house for the dog and brought him food. Naida’s life also ended tragically. In 2017, the dog was hit by a car. The inhabitants of Komsomolsk-on-Amur proposed to erect a monument to a devoted and faithful animal.


Photo: iz.ru

The story of the German Shepherd Tommy from Italy.

In 2018, a dog named Tommy ran into a church service where a memorial service was being held for his deceased owner. The dog ran inside the temple and waited patiently for the owner to return. The seven-year-old German shepherd belonged to 57-year-old Maria Margaret Loki. Their friendship began after a woman found Tommy abandoned by his previous owners in a field. “María Margarita was a volunteer and often rescued stray animals. But it was this dog that she loved more than all the others; “She often took him to church with her,” her friends shared the woman’s memories.

During the owner’s funeral, Tommy was allowed to attend the funeral at the church. After that, the dog ran there every time she heard the ringing of bells in the hope of seeing her owner again.


Photo: livejournal.com

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