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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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“You are a stupid girl.” Alexander Grigoryan was rude to a journalist

Date: May 19, 2024 Time: 14:20:32

Alexander Grigoryan, from the very moment he led his first top-level club, became known as a person who does not go into his pocket for a word. With his submission, such a word as “vandefoulny” firmly entered the lexicon of football fans, and public speeches from him immediately turned into quotes. At the same time, it was not so important where Grigoryan worked at the time of the next brilliant verbal pearl: directly in one of the Russian teams or he acted as a television pundit.

“Stupid girl” or not?

The scandal broke on Thursday. Victoria Cashby, correspondent for Sport Day after Day, spoke about it. According to her, she asked the Kuban head coach a question about a possible resignation. The prerequisites for this were visible to the naked eye: Krasnodar is currently in last place in the First League standings. Grigoryan’s reaction surprised the journalist. In response to a perfectly logical question, he heard the following: “Again, what’s your name? Victory? And do you think you, silly girl, have the right to ask me such questions? After that, according to Cashby, the interlocutor interrupted the conversation.

Photo source: RIA Novosti

Even the fact that Grigoryan was talking with a girl should not be taken into account, in any case, it is worth noting that such statements are unacceptable within the framework of official communication. Victoria turned to him on a work issue to get an official comment. As you know, a journalist has the right to obtain the necessary information in any legal way, and an interview with the direct subject of future material is the first and main of them. In response, the journalist received unmotivated rudeness.

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The reaction followed immediately. Dmitry Guberniev wrote the following on his Telegram channel: “Sasha Grigoryan once again! Publicly apologize to the girl… It’s not too late yet… And what about “Kuban” ??? Grigoryan hasn’t been expelled yet??? Women should be loved and respected!!! Because beautiful ladies are our everything, right girls???

Photo source: RIA Novosti

In general, the tone of the comments from many other members of the journalistic community was similar. But any medal always has two sides, and the editors of “Soviet Sport” tried to contact Alexander Grigoryan to find out his point of view on the situation. But the Kuban head coach’s phone was turned off. Apparently, Alexander Vitalievich no longer wanted to answer questions that he might consider stupid.

But the fact is that this case has become another good example for the textbook “How not to talk to journalists”, which it would be nice to publish in the very near future and distribute as a manual to many of those whose profession includes interaction . the media.

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