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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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“You shouldn’t be offended.” Why did pop MMA fighters run into Danya Milokhin? Video

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 05:20:51

“You shouldn’t be offended.” Why did pop MMA fighters run into Danya Milokhin? Video

September 13, 2023, 19:30 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

The popular TikToker was told why he is “unfortunate.”

Popular blogger Danya Milokhin unexpectedly burst into the mixed martial arts information space. She was calmly riding a scooter with a friend when she met two pop MMA fighters: Kantemir Afaunov and Bayram Kakhrumanov.

Bayram filmed Milokhin and began asking slightly provocative questions about the appearance and image of his interlocutor, and also called the TikToker “nefor.” Milokhin did not like the subcultural expression, which is often used in Caucasian regions, and spoke about it. In response, Dana was explained in detail that there was no need to take offense to “nefor,” because the word only denotes a person who stands out from the crowd. The situation was finally resolved peacefully, in any case, the representatives of pop MMA decided not to bother the bloggers anymore.

It is curious that after this incident information appeared that Milokhin had left Russia. But the point is not only that the soldiers paid so much attention to him on the street, but also the opportunity to enter the army. The tiktoker is reportedly currently in Dubai.

By the way, this isn’t Dani’s first intersection with pop MMA. Once he himself had the opportunity to perform in a cage. During the heyday of this type of martial arts, stars from other spheres of culture, including young bloggers, were actively attracted to fights.

Milokhin faced off against another TikToker, Artur Babich. The fight took place according to the rules of boxing, but with huge gloves. In this format, Danya managed to win by unanimous decision. After that, he also challenged Roma Acorn to a fight, but in the end Milokhin never entered the cage again and maintains a clean record in pop MMA: 1-0.

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And just a year ago, mixed martial arts fighter, former M-1 champion Maxim Divnich, was already laughing at the appearance of the popular tiktoker: “Here is the new citizen of Kazakhstan, Danya Milokhin. He threw away his Russian passport. He sympathized with the Kazakhs.”

The fighters who explained to Milokhin why he was “unlucky” went 2-1 among themselves. Nalchik’s Kantemir Afaunov won two of two fights. In the video you can barely hear him, he just timidly tried to get his friend away from the bloggers. Bayram Kakhrumanov, who, in fact, carried out the educational program for Dani, has so far stood out in his career only for his attempts to start a fight with Farid Yadullaev on the Hype Reality show. His fight record is 0-1.

After the meeting with Milokhin, maybe 1-1.

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