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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Zagitova does not notice the haters. Cunning or naivety?

Date: June 16, 2024 Time: 03:22:49

“Where does this attention and love from the fans come from? You have to ask them. I live my life, I don’t wear masks and I’m honest. Maybe that’s why “Zagitova shared her new opinion.

But everything looks at least cunning. Firstly, Zagitova has not only a lot of fans, but also enemies. Secondly, do not flatter yourself, Alina pays attention to all this and reacts emotionally: “sometimes they make it funny, sometimes it hurts”, “only people offended by something, with some complex” – okay, somehow not very similar to someone who does not pay attention to the hype around him, taking it easy? And her last words about great care and love for her person are all from the same series. Alina wants everyone to love her. Perhaps the root of the problem goes back to the time of the Olympic Games in Korea.

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Then Zagitova took the top step of the podium, but Evgenia Medvedeva, who became second, received more attention from fans. It is quite possible that then the champion had a worm of resentment against the audience, because how come I have gold, but they still love Zhenya more?

The stories in the interview that his fans are the wall behind which he hides in difficult times, reading the comments, they even sound somewhat scary. Is it possible to give such an important role in your life to what others think of you, and in this case, complete strangers?

In the words of the former athlete, it shows how she is perplexed because there are, and there are not a few, those who have a negative attitude towards her person. It’s just that it’s easy to explain. There is a feeling that Alina “caught a star”, which is not surprising with such attention to figure skating in our country. And now, in order to keep everyone’s attention, Zagitova rushes into a variety of stories, doing everything in a row.

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It just doesn’t work that way. It’s one thing to travel on different shows, actually doing what you’re good at, but quite another to become a presenter on Channel One, even if the theme is similar to Ice Age. The same applies to turns of speech that are foreign to a person who calls himself a journalist, such as the completely new “inevitably.” What about clicking? Apparently, now it is enough to listen to more than 800 songs to start being considered a professional in this field. The boxing match with Olga Buzova caused no less bewilderment. By the way, Alina could take an example from the singer: Olga seems to be a much more sincere person than she understands that she has a lot of fans and haters, but at the same time she is not afraid to seem funny or stupid in some moments. If she’s constantly paying attention to who and what is saying about you on the Internet, it won’t take long for her to burn out.

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And what kind of sincerity and masklessness can we talk about in figure skating, where everything is based on “trying on” a huge number of very different images? The question is rhetorical and an answer is unlikely to be expected.

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