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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Zakharyan has the best match of the year! But the Wings came back great with the help of another hero.

Date: May 20, 2024 Time: 02:51:27

Zakharyan has the best match of the year! But the Wings came back great with the help of another hero.

Dmitry Zimin July 29, 2023, 17:45 Moscow time Audio version: Your browser does not support the audio element.

At halftime, Lichka’s team was leading by two goals. And then, Bale’s miracle goal in the top nine and Garré’s performance.

The main conclusion of the first matches of the “Wings” in the new season is instability. First, they crushed Akhmat on a foreign field, completely outplaying the opponent. Then we had a good first half against Baltika and we totally failed in the second. The beginning of the meeting with Dynamo is like a continuation of what is happening in the middle of the week, adjusted for a different team.

The defense of the “Wings” simply did not enter the field. Of course, Dynamo did not show anything special in the first games either. Lichka instills the philosophy in him, but this clearly takes time. Hence two defeats: first by Krasnodar, then a cup defeat by Pari NN in a penalty shootout. But the beginning in Samara turned out to be so unexpected and cool that at some point it seemed: Lichka had already instilled everything in him. And this Dynamo will always be.

The Muscovites took the game under control professionally and were very aggressive. We practice in each individual combat, we destroy the opponent’s attacks already in his half and try to quickly send the ball forward. The Samarans were clearly not ready for the zeal of such an opponent. And for some reason they broke. He is defensive.

In the eighth minute, Smolov rolled the ball with Ngamalyo and delivered the perfect pass to fly-half Zakharyan. He didn’t get any wiser and outplayed Ovsyannikov with a single touch.

In general, Arsene was particularly motivated and effective in the first half. What few people saw in the spring. Perhaps the rumors about interest from Lazio will have a positive effect. Or some other reason. But in the first 45 minutes, Zakharyan was definitely the best on the field.

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After a missed goal, Krylia periodically ran out to counterattack, but the Dynamo defense made everything clear – the defenders also acted surprisingly reliably. The Muscovites were able to increase the score already in the 24th minute, when Smolov, after taking a free kick, hit the post. But Ovsyannikov’s second ball flew six minutes later.

And Zakharyan shone again. I cut a perfect 25-meter pass to Tyukavina. And he confidently shot the goalkeeper.

It seemed that this was the final for the Wings. The team did not play anything. And the Muscovites had to finish off the rival. But instead, an unexpected failure at their doors. Fomin made an unsuccessful transfer to a partner – interception and already 1:2.

But that was not all: in the 39th minute, Samara again played unsuccessfully in defense. Ngamalyo shot from the flank, and Smolov confidently dived into the goal.

The second half began in the 65th minute. Prior to this, the teams created almost no chances, and it seemed that everything would end with a logical victory for the guests. But midway through the second half, Osinkin made three game-changing substitutions: Saltykov, Gorshkov and the quick-footed Khubulov all entered the field.

Igor Osinkin

Photo: pfcks.ru

The Wings took the ball and held the opponent in their half. For unknown reasons, Lichka did not change anything. Looks like the coach was fine with that. But it was clear that the team was not at all confident and did not even run on the attack. Moments and goals were just a matter of time. Garre especially acted with magic, from whom the main danger came. In the 74th minute, Bale stepped up with the ball and finished magnificently with no chance for Shunin. The Dutchman was given too much space, and he took advantage of it.

The advantage has become even more unstable. However, Lichka made a substitution, releasing Grulev, but this affected what was happening in the opposite direction. “Wings” went to full speed, and in one of the attacks the ball hit the hand of a new Dynamo player. A rather unfortunate entry into the field. The referee signaled a penalty, and it was converted by the hero of the second half: Garre.

Lichka with a smile watched what was happening. And she obviously couldn’t explain such a reappearance of Samara. Marcel was very close to the first victory in the official match, but in the second half his team simply stopped running. And “Wings” continues to amaze with the lack of stability. But as long as it brings results, there are far fewer questions for them.

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