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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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20 minutes in prison and a photo of the “strawberry blonde”: how Trump turned himself in to the authorities in Georgia

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 02:11:46

Trump on the gangway of the plane that took the former president to the United States in the state of Georgia.


The 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, arrived at the Atlanta airport to voluntarily surrender to local authorities as part of a criminal case for interference in the elections. Earlier, the state of Georgia accused Trump of trying to use extortion to swing the results of the 2020 presidential election in his favor. According to the investigation, he demanded that officials give him the votes he needed to win.

Trump headed to the Fulton County Jail, where he went through the formal arrest process. True, he did not have to “sit” for long: after 20 minutes he was released on bail of 200 thousand dollars (almost 19 million rubles). The procession obediently waited for the former president at the rear entrance of the prison, which was blocked by service buses. At the same time, the arrival of Trump was organized at the highest level: the building was cordoned off by the police, helicopters patrolled the sky, and traffic on the surrounding streets was completely blocked.

Verbal battles between Trump supporters and opponents outside court.


During the detention, the businessman was searched, photographed and fingerprinted. On the prison website there is even an entry with information about Trump with the number P01135809. According to the file, he weighs 97.5 kilograms and measures 190.5 centimeters, and the former president himself is described as “white, blue-eyed, blond, and reddish hair.” [в дословном переводе «клубничными» – прим. ред.].

Standing on the stairs of the plane before the return flight from Atlanta, Trump once again maintained his innocence, just as he had previously denied three other sets of criminal charges.

“What happened here has become a travesty of justice. We didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t do anything wrong. What they are doing is an attempt to interfere in the elections. Our country has never seen anything like it. This is how they do the electoral campaign ”, the politician complained.

Meanwhile, Trump has made history again by becoming the first person to be photographed under arrest as a former president of the United States. In the image, the former head of the White House is frowning and deliberately not showing a smile to make his appearance more defiant.

The prison photo was published by Trump himself on the social network X (formerly Twitter). It was the politician’s first social media post since 2021 and racked up 16 million views within an hour of posting. At the bottom, he captioned the photo with the phrases “election interference,” “never give up,” and a link to his website. One of the first to respond to the post was Elon Musk, current owner of this social network, writing just two words: “The next level.”

Police photograph of former US President Trump.


The son of former President Donald Trump Jr., who immediately launched a souvenir sale featuring a photograph of his detained father, was not surprised. In his online store you can already buy a T-shirt for $29.9 (a little over 2,800 rubles), a mug for $15.99 (about 1,500 rubles) or a poster for $19.9 (almost 1,900 rubles). At the same time, Trump Jr. stressed that he would not try to profit from the products.

“To be clear, all proceeds from the sale of these products will go to the legal defense fund to fight the tyranny and madness we see before us,” he wrote.


A war of compromising evidence has begun in the United States: Biden turned out to be a bribery taker and Trump is revealing military secrets.

The forces of order of the United States confirmed the presence of revealing data on both candidates (more)

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