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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Alexander Novak: Household materials are used for social gasification in the Moscow region KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 18:08:36

“The presidential project of social gasification has become a real challenge for us – we need to bring colossal volumes of gas pipelines in a short time,” said Alexander Samarin, Minister of Energy of the Moscow Region. To a large extent, it was possible to fulfill obligations to residents because the gasification process has long been moved to domestic rails. Import substitution in our country began in 2014, when the first suppliers from hostile countries began to leave the Russian market, but many companies faced a real shortage of components, technologies and software only a year ago.

The quality of domestic pipelines is not inferior to that of their foreign counterparts.

“Mosoblgaz”, which is engaged in social gasification in the Moscow region, has at the moment achieved one hundred percent import substitution in the construction of gas distribution networks. In addition, the components are assembled according to special technical specifications of Mosoblgaz itself. For example, fittings are made in Tula, and gas reduction points are made in the Moscow region itself. “The territorial sign of domestic plants is a huge plus. I note that the quality is not inferior to foreign counterparts,” says Igor Baranov, general director of Mosoblgaz.

With the support of the regional government, the company was able to import-substitute all the main activities. Take, for example, the main gasification consumable: pipes. Gas workers use several types of them: steel and polyethylene, for example, are used for laying gas pipelines in the open air, as well as for building internal networks. With the same quality characteristics (corrosion resistance, which allows them to be used even with a high level of groundwater, and a service life of 50 years), these Russian pipes are much cheaper. As well as other construction components, such as steel shut-off valves and ball valves that prevent gas leaks.

Residents receiving natural gas in their homes also began to choose more and more household equipment: stoves, boilers, wall heaters. The foreign brands that were listed above, of course, are nice to have, but how to maintain them if there are no spare parts or they cost like an airplane wing? Better than yours, reliable operation. Therefore, at the end of last year, Mosoblgaz launched a line of modern gas equipment under its own brand, Moguchi. It includes more than twenty models of wall-mounted gas boilers, gas instantaneous water heaters and electric boilers. The plans are to produce more than 150 thousand units of products per year. “We want to completely replace the market for foreign-made heating equipment in the region,” Samarin shares his plans.

Gas workers are also provided with a home development that allows you to monitor the safety of operation of gas equipment. The “Safe House” system, through sensors, constantly monitors the gas contamination of the room, and in case of exceeding the indicators, it automatically cuts off the gas supply and notifies the owner by sending an SMS message.

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