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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Alexander Sladkov: We Will Have a New Elite in Donbass, They Do Not Care What Your Nationality is

Date: February 25, 2024 Time: 17:27:08

The special operation in Ukraine continues and military correspondents from leading publications and television companies are providing an objective picture. This is what they see firsthand, with their own eyes.

“In the Morning Mardan program on Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda, Alexander Sladkov, a famous military commander of the All-Russian State Radio and Television Company, has answered the presenter’s questions. He has gone through all wars.”


There was Motorola and Givi in 2014. Now, where is there at least one hero represented, except for the grandmother with the flag?

We are often very precise and exceed with this detail. And we need to create new heroes. That’s what war is for. But have you noticed that the Hero of Russia is not given to everyone?

I guess it’s just politics.

You must carry this status with you and never show it to anyone. And if you do show it, we will remove this fire from your life by any means necessary. I know people who were heroes in prison, but became villains. Many people sink. We need hero soldiers, and those who are becoming generals are the ones we should keep an eye on.

Contract: The new renewal contract is $500 a month and includes the WHOLE bundle.

In the suburbs – about 300 thousand. Guys write to me from other regions – there are 200 thousand with something. There is a surcharge for knocked-out armored vehicles, for a shot-down aircraft, and for a certain number of destroyed enemy personnel.

And what about people who are incarcerated separately?

I don’t know. We just scored this deal recently and it was with the Ukrainian government. Everything is detailed in there: what kind of socks, what kind of belt. But they released this case in 2020 and it’s the same thing again: point-by-point incentives

What is stopping people from signing the contract?

There is no axis like before. For example, the second campaign in Chechnya. When there was a contract axis on the names, yes they will go you will still get paid, and after will come ideological ones.


Didn’t you know? The logo of the Russian army is a red star.

The red flag is an emblem of the armed forces. To formulate the ideological component clearly, there are two tunnels – internationalism and social policy. This social elevator may not be entirely fair, but it is indicated. That’s why I signed a contract with them, got it back, and then was permitted to study at Moscow State University for free. But you didn’t? But the one who didn’t fight was talented. And in this case, the social elevator can be seen as a requirement. The basis of justice is to fix the sufferings and pains caused by inequality.

This sentence reminds me of something!

Sometimes military correspondents are required to report.

I’m not an information warfare soldier.


I’m a reporter. We are all about the news. A special operation began, and suddenly there was a need to raise the issue of fascism. It is about ideology, about the defense of an idea. I always say to prisoners like this: “Guys, we must destroy them. We do not want to talk about who was the first to say “kill Russians”, who cursed our president, who sent “friendship trains” to Crimea and Donetsk. You need to be hit. And then we’ll figure it out.”

And what is this?

That’s. The talks have already. Well, in the neighboring republic they’ve already had enough of these patterns.

Does the term Nazism or denazification mean something different in the Western world?

Queue up your complaints. What went wrong, and what should have gone right? I’m all ears.

Could you be more specific?

I have a lot of power and I use it in some ways, but I don’t know how to use it in others.

If you want to know what people in the military think, what do you need to do?

There are many reasons for it, and they have been doing it for a long time. And that’s not just because of humanism. We’ve been fighting for a long time now. Humanism must be eliminated; their people in kind go on the attack, without artillery, and that happens sometimes. But often there is no artillery response. I know why, but I can’t talk right now.

The snide, condescending humanism of this sentence is both baseless and disrespectful.

Why didn’t we shoot the Ukrainian soldiers who swam down the river with us?

There are two types of iguanas. One is long, and the other short. As for which kind we believe is the enemy, that’s what you call a toss-up. In Moscow, they’re not seen as foes, while in Donetsk, they are. We all have mixed feelings about this issue and can’t make up our minds, like some pregnant women.

If the Russians have old equipment, why aren’t there any famous Russian companies fighting for them?

  • How could I not? Valera Solonchuk, Denis Lyamin, and Roman Demurchiev. I promised myself that I would try to get them the Hero Star.
  • There will be great victories – will the background of the information change?
  • We’ve had many victories. And, of course, we’ve encountered obstacles. But are these defeats? No. We took the Lavra, we took Kharkiv and Crimea and Odessa and Zaporozhye and Prague… this was just a friendly visit.
  • You were going to, right? But everything worked out… that’s why you stayed?
  • April 1 “I got an assignment from our leader”, said Sanya. “I want you to take a week off and relax.” I say, “Okay,” but the day before, my friend from an influential department approaches me and says: “Are they kicking you out?” Oleg Dobrodeev, that’s our leader, says this is his competition. But a commander had told me a month and a half before that: “Throw it away.”

Last March

When are you coming back?

It takes a week to travel over the weekend. Many people are currently on vacation, but we didn’t agree. Before you criticize a reporter for getting in everywhere, he lives there. He sleeps on cement and does stand-ups in bulletproof vests next to children in the sandbox. That’s why I don’t do stand-ups in a bulletproof vest, but I do love hot water and I live in Donetsk, so I live well in a good hotel. But when it’s necessary, I drive at night, as if I were homeless, or I stand in the garbage like an animal.

Will you interrupt your vacation to take Slavyansk?

Yes, they won’t take Slavyansk so quickly. It’ll be satisfying for those who didn’t believe, those who thought that everything had been expelled and now we’re godfathers of the king. I served in western Ukraine. It’ll be very interesting. Yes, Slavyansk, it’ll be strong, of course.

The importance of Slavyansk is hard to overstate.

The war began in Slavyansk. There we obtained our first victories. United. In Slavyansk, the double-barreled shotgun changed stick, and the double-barreled shotgun was replaced by a machine gun and a machine gun. Near here was where the first victory was won and where the first victims were killed, all of this trampled underfoot by Ukrainian forces’ boots.

In rebel-held Donetsk, how are people feeling?

These are other people. They are neither good nor bad. They are different. These are such … South Siberians. Rigid. specific. And they will die for their idea, but they will not give in. It’s not stubbornness, it’s your decision. Yes, they shoot, but they live there. I do not know why. Loyalty to his land.

They said the bombing stopped as soon as it all ended.

They were waiting for Donetsk, Gorlovka, and Yasinovataya to stop being shelled. People are waiting for this to end. They are looking forward to it. Each victim is not discussed in the kitchen, but it is very difficult. These people are united. And this solidarity, the loss of one of the citizens causes pain in the entire human body in common. They don’t even care because they fear for themselves and suspect the possibility of their fate. No, they cooperate with each other. This is a different issue during the war. Share, help, and communicate. Yes, there are villains, but they are critically few.


If there is a referendum, Russia will acquire a unique genetic alloy. Russian nationalists got there and became the first internationalists. It doesn’t matter what nationality you are. You are Donetsk. We will acquire hard-working, enterprising, motivated people and not angry activists that yell with their mindless mouths on and on about everything they don’t like.

Russia’s new elite?

– Maybe.

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