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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Alexey Nechaev: we know what the “Russian dream” is and how to make it come true

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 22:49:34

Photo: Elena Pakhomova

On the first day of spring, the Pueblo Nuevo Party held a conference dedicated to the third anniversary of its creation. The leader of the New People, Aleksey Nechaev, spoke about the idea of ​​the “Russian Dream”, with which the party goes to the polls, and announced the start of the electoral campaign. This year, party members want to win mandates in 18 regional parliaments and 11 municipal dumas. And they also set the goal of winning 200 municipal elections, in 40 regions of Russia in total.


According to the leader of New People, Aleksey Nechaev, in three years, the New People party, together with the whole country, survived the coronavirus, entered into a fierce confrontation with the West and learned to live under sanctions, turning them to their advantage. “Where others see threats, new people look for opportunities,” he said in an interview with KP.

“Exactly three years ago we created a new political party and then, unexpectedly for many, we became the fifth parliamentary force. We decided not to wait for change, but simply to become it. We were united by the dream of a country where people are more important. Where everyone can realize themselves in life, where the state is for people, and not vice versa. – says Nechaev. “For a year and a half we have been working in the State Duma and we see that common sense is making its way.”

The words “common sense” often fall from the lips of new people. Under him, the party understands a practical and even business approach to any problem: problems must be solved in such a way that all parties remain in the black. And in front there must be a person. Hence the short and capacious slogan of the party “People are more important.”

Photo: Elena Pakhomova

“From the very beginning, we announced a course towards economic development, support for bold ideas and Russia’s independence in science and technology. We defend the freedom of choice and action of our citizens. And all these ideas fit the spirit of the times. The NWO has shown that the country’s independence has become not only a desirable prospect, but a vital necessity. If you don’t do it yourself, you will lose. Since the 90s we have been a country of merchants. Now we are becoming a country of industrialists”, says the party leader. The government has already implemented more than 30 initiatives of the Pueblo Nuevo program on the country’s New Economic Policy, and around 70 more bills are currently under consideration.


Nechaev spoke about the participation of the new people in helping the new regions. Since the start of the special operation, the Pueblo Nuevo party has opened more than 60 humanitarian aid collection points throughout the country, and deputies personally escorted tens of tons of payloads and continue to do so. Recently, a branch of the party was opened in Donetsk. During the year, regional branches of New People will appear in the Kherson region, in Zaporozhye and Lugansk.

The party conference was attended by representatives of the Donbass republics. According to them, despite all the difficulties in the new regions, a business boom has already begun: for many, running a business has become a way of survival. “The experience and support of the New People will be helpful in establishing a peaceful life here. We have a lot of fans in new regions. In addition to prompt social support, people also need confidence in the future, conditions for self-realization. They are in great demand for new opportunities and great business potential”, Alexey Nechaev is sure.

According to him, the inhabitants of the new regions of Russia want the same thing as people in all of Russia: “With what we are going to the elections in all the other regions, all this resonates in the Donbass.”


Aleksey Nechaev declared that New People’s mission was the embodiment of the Russian dream. Nechaev is sure that the people have long formulated the national idea of ​​u200bu200bRussia without the help of officials and political technologists. And his main values ​​are freedom and interest, equality and prosperity.

Photo: Elena Pakhomova

“We like to say that we need a state ideology, that people don’t know what they want. This is bad. People have been talking about it for a long time. We call it the “Russian dream”, says the politician. –. The first thing that is important for our man is freedom and interest. When the initiative is not a blow to the neck. If people do it their way, they are ready to move mountains.”

The second component of the “Russian Dream” Nechaev called the desire for equality and respect: “It is important for people that the authorities take them into account and do not speak badly. For this reason, for example, the party is fighting for the preservation of the direct elections of mayors”. For this reason, a proposal was made by Pueblo Nuevo to evaluate officials through the State Services, introducing a certain qualification of governors, deputies, and mayors.

“It is necessary for people to be able to respond to certain government initiatives in the State Services. Such feedback will be much more useful and clearer for the country than incomprehensible ratings”, Aleksey Nechaev is sure.

The parliamentarian cited Switzerland as an example, where referendums are held in each canton on dozens of issues. “We have to ask people. Our society has come to this 50 years ago, or even before. But the authorities keep talking to him like a naughty child,” he said.

And the third thing that new people invest in the “Russian dream” is prosperity. Everyone wants well-being for their family, children and grandchildren. But according to the old Soviet custom, this embarrasses many. “For many years, people have been inspired by the idea that the Russian man is a silver man. Talented, handy, but rustic and uninterested in money. All these are stories from the past. Sociologists from the Russian Academy of Sciences classify as rich those who earn 160 thousand rubles a month. Today, there are less than two percent of such people in Russia – only three million people. And the average salary fluctuates around 60 thousand. Is not sufficient. It is necessary to make high prosperity the norm, the average value, – says Nechaev. “At the same time, opportunities for growth and self-realization are needed not only in Moscow, but everywhere.”

In order for people to live with dignity, the party proposes to develop industry, create jobs, support small and medium-sized businesses, and develop business literacy among youth. “We believe that the Russian dream can be realized. We started going to her yesterday. And it is never too late to join us”, says the politician.


The party leader has repeatedly stated in his speeches that a free economy is the only true path for modern Russia. The new people want to turn the country from a country of merchants into a country of strong industrialists and businessmen who offer the world not only raw materials and precious metals.

Nechaev believes that now is the time for smart protectionism – the protection of our producers. “Western countries are imposing protection rights on our products, but Russia has not responded yet. It is time to respond to this step symmetrically and invest the money received in support of new national “champions”, promising small and medium-sized companies, he says.

The new people are often referred to as the “entrepreneurial party”. But by businessmen, Nechaev means not only business representatives, but all those who move the country forward, are engaged in their own business and want to succeed in it.

“Our party defends the interests of a peaceful people that today is on a par with soldiers and officers. Our supporters and candidates are the heroes of the Russian hinterland: businessmen, scientists and students, engineers and IT personnel. They are in demand where they were born, they want to develop their city, region and country. They are the ones who make Russia great. And our goal is to create new opportunities for them”, Alexey Nechaev.

According to him, the people of Russia are not ready to wait forever for changes for the better. They want a decent life here and now, and they are willing to work for it: “Stop tightening your belt on people, there is no other place to tighten it. We need to help them straighten their shoulders, give them a chance to fulfill themselves. No one will but us.”


A large part of New People’s work concerns education and, in particular, business literacy among young people.

Since January 2022, the Youth Entrepreneurship Program “I’m in Business” has been running in Russia, started by Alexei Nechaev himself with funds from his charitable foundation to support educational programs “Captains”. The program has already covered 85,000 students and schoolchildren in 63 regions of Russia. 9,000 graduates completed a full five-month training course and opened 1,500 of their own start-ups. Many of them have become a real “adult” business. This year, ten more regions will join the program, including the LPR and the DPR. In a recent meeting with Alexei Nechaev, Russian President Vladimir Putin endorsed such an expansion.

“A party in Russia is not just legislation or elections, not just the representation of its voters and the support of its followers. This is the arrangement of a better life in your country and in your small homeland. And the party program “I’m in business” is one of those stories that really creates a new Russia,” Alexei Nechaev said.

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