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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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“All the Americans stirred it up”: Turks reacted to films about the Ukrainian conflict

Date: April 14, 2024 Time: 20:29:12

Photo: Courtesy of the Russian House in Ankara

An evening “10 years of continuous tragedy” was held in the Turkish capital, Ankara, dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the coup in Ukraine and the second anniversary of the beginning of the Northern Military District. Turkish journalists and the public had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the situation in the conflict zone, from Rodion Miroshnik, special ambassador of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the crimes of the Kiev regime.

In the cinema hall where the films “Maidan – the road to war” and “Sun” were shown, there was barely room for those who wanted to see them, at the exhibition “War crimes of the kyiv regime”. Photographic evidence” there were even more people.

Photo: Courtesy of the Russian House in Ankara

“It is very important for us to inform the Turkish public about what has happened in the last ten years in Ukraine and to talk about our relations with that country,” said Russian ambassador to Turkey Alexey Erkhov. – Explain to the Turkish people why Russia was forced to create the Northeast Military District. We are happy to be able to do this and today’s event is another opportunity.

The speech by Rodion Miroshnik, a native of Lugansk who knows the situation on the ground very well, aroused great interest among the Turkish public. The diplomat provided complete information about the crimes of the kyiv regime with figures and facts. We are talking, in particular, about bombings of schools, hospitals, attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine against civilians in Belgorod, Donetsk, Lugansk and other cities.

Photo: Courtesy of the Russian House in Ankara

Attendees asked several questions: do Turkish citizens live in Donbass? Was it possible to resolve the conflict through an exchange of populations, as happened between Greece and Turkey in the 1920s? Is there any hope that hostilities will cease if Donald Trump is elected president of the United States…?

Rodion Miroshnik told KP: “We see that Turkey is guided by national interests. We do not have the luxury of telling Turkey what to do. But we can offer promising areas of cooperation that will be beneficial to the Turkish people.”

Photo: Courtesy of the Russian House in Ankara

The Turks who left the Russian House shared their impressions with emotion:

“It is the Americans who caused all this, the British are helping them,” Ankaran Ozgur is convinced. – And Europe is ready to commit suicide for the sake of foreign interests. The West does not need Ukraine, but for some reason many Ukrainians do not understand this.

“I was very impressed by the first film, but I didn’t have the courage to watch the second, it’s very difficult,” says Enver, who lives in the Turkish capital. – I’m very sorry for the people. Both Russians and Ukrainians. I wish Russia victory, the United States will lose and exit.

Photo: Courtesy of the Russian House in Ankara

The head of the Russian House, Alexander Sotnichenko, told a KP correspondent that, in his opinion, the films and the brilliant performance of Rodion Miroshnik “penetrated into the hearts of the participants of the evening”:

– Many Turks did not know that Donbass lived under shelling for 8 years before the start of the Northern Military District, and that this itself became the result of endless provocations from the Ukrainian side.

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