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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Among the top selling authors are Uskova, Marinina, “Jester” Knyazev and coach Melia – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 08:10:12

The study, which took place on the Rambler.ru website from July 26 to September 7, involved 931 people from different regions of Russia. Among the respondents who participated in the survey, 56% were men and 44% were women.

It is curious that, despite talk of the digitalization of everything in the world, paper books continue to be the most in demand, as confirmed by survey data. 51% of its participants prefer paper books. 25% of respondents read e-books more frequently. 17% of Russians combine paper and digital book formats, and only 7% said they prefer audiobooks.

The survey also showed that 30% of respondents bought more than seven books in a year. A little less than half of those surveyed (43%) only one or two. 15% of respondents bought three or four books and 12% bought five or six books.

“Rossiyskaya Gazeta” turned to the largest publishing group “Eksmo-AST” to ask what readers buy now.

The publishers provided us with their highest sales figures. None of them found a place for classical literature, but their interest in fantastic and detective stories was confirmed.

For the last two weeks, in the top 10 of the AST publishing house you can find books about the group “The King and the Clown”, which is understandable, given the recently published series about the group and the round anniversary of the birth and death by Mikhail Gorshenev, as well as a book based on the film “Cheburashka.” This is what the completed top looks like:

Olga Uskova “Sketches of the mafia” Andrey Knyazev “The fairy-tale world of the jester” NS “The Romance Club. The Secret of Heaven. The Apple of Discord” Andrzej Sapkowski “The Last Wish. The Sword of Destiny. The Blood of the Elves The Hour of Contempt The Baptism of Fire The Swallow Tower The Lady of the Lake Shelby Maherin The Serpent and the Dove Horf Harald Atomic Heart Company Background 3826 “” Mercedes Ron “Our fault” Andrey Knyazev “The king and the clown. Old book” Daniel Kahneman “Think slowly… Decide quickly” Anna Maslova “Cheburashka. Official novelization

Among September’s bestsellers on “EXMO” are Alexandra Marinina’s new product “Debut Production”, the book “Everything is wrong. How to get out of the dead ends of communication that we get into” by the famous coach Marina Melia, the fantasy “Green Angel Tower” by Ted Williams, “Royal Blood. Bear Sun. Dark Legacy” by Irina Kotova and “Terrible Cruise” by LJ Shen.

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