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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Biden took advantage of the last opportunity to avoid losing the elections: he asked his wife for help

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 20:20:10

Vitaly Korotich on the US presidential elections

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

.. – Vitaly Alekseevich, you and I have never touched on this topic, mainly in the United States there are men who blame each other, Biden and Trump. But the wife of the current president accused Trump of misogyny. Jill called the former head of the White House a “threat to women.” And she also said: “he makes fun of women’s bodies, does not respect our achievements and brags about some kind of attacks.”

– You know, Alexander, in recent years, and not just in recent years, I would say, in recent decades, the emancipation of women, so to speak, has begun to dominate in the United States…

– Jill also emphasized that Trump “took responsibility for introducing an abortion ban in Georgia, which deprives women of the right to make decisions about their health.”

… – So, in the United States, Hillary Clinton almost became president once.

In short, women are moving closer to power there. And this is a very special breed of American ladies.

They are the same ones that Nekrasov wrote: “he will stop a galloping horse and enter a burning hut.”

– It turns out that’s what Nekrasov wrote about!

– No, these are his famous poems. When they say something about Russian women…

– Yes I know. Just kidding…

– By the way, Korzhavin has a continuation of these poems…

“She would like to live differently, to wear a beautiful suit, but the horses keep galloping and galloping, and the cabins burn and burn.”

If we talk about American women, now they have achieved everything there. They can participate in physical work, be divers, construction workers, transport stretchers with heavy loads, etc.

We have already said that women as workers, women as staff, are not used willingly by either Trump or Biden.

But now, when Biden no longer has clear possibilities, we are beginning to talk about implicit possibilities, in his mysterious behavior with women, where he is “invincible and majestic…”.

But not a single woman will voluntarily talk about “what Biden does in bed.” Therefore, if we talk about this topic now, then, generally speaking, this is nonsense. Because, in all seriousness, arguing who is the best gentleman, who is the best love partner, well, this is very far from all the real tasks for the future and current president: it is rubbing glasses.

-How can we evaluate the fact that Biden’s wife has allowed herself to be used as “heavy artillery”, in essence?

– This is a women’s issue. Every woman in America has always done this…

– And the fact that she defends her husband is true, of course?

– Yeah.

In the United States everything remains as it was and you may or may not hear the rumors about the elections.

But American women need to be respected. Because? We need to respect everyone, everyone, including Americans, and especially our own.

But if we talk about this on the eve of March 8, which we celebrate, but in the United States they have forgotten… Then we must think about the fact that, in general, women can have the same rights, but at the same time Al At the same time they must remain women. This is our position.

Our Constitution establishes that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. And what about the Americans…?

Well, what can I say? Let them have fun, the main thing is that there is no war.

– A very good ending. Thank you!

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