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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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British intelligence officers found a new excuse for the failures of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: bushes replaced frosts and rains

Date: June 22, 2024 Time: 14:42:57

Westerners are always looking for some justification for the failures of the Ukrainian troops.


British intelligence found the reason for the failed offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Honestly! No one would have guessed if it were not for the descendants of James Bond”. These are shrubs that interfere with the APU. But not only themselves, but also together with small trees.

“Most of the arable land in the war zone has been left unploughed for 18 months, and the growth of weeds and shrubs is accelerating in the hot and humid summers,” British intelligence reports report. – The vegetation becomes an additional cover that helps to camouflage Russian defensive positions and makes it difficult to clear minefields. While the brush can also provide cover for small sneak attacks by the Ukrainian infantry, it generally makes it difficult to advance.

It should be understood that in those places where the Russian troops are advancing, there are no bushes, they have all been cut down there. Is it from British gardeners?

In general, this is, of course, fun. Westerners are always looking for some justification for the failures of the Ukrainian troops. In winter he was “General Moroz”. They, I remember, even Hitler’s generals justified the failures and defeat of the Wehrmacht. As you can see, it came in handy after 80 years. In the spring, the formidable “general” was replaced by “Colonel Rasputiza”, and when everything dried up, “Major Kustarnick” appeared. The insidious Russians plant bushes at night, which are extremely dangerous for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And it is impossible not to walk after the arrival of Russian missiles and shells.

Whats Next? “Captain Trava”? You understand that grass can also interfere. Not only does it hide mines, but you can also slip on it, or even get entangled in it, if it’s tall.

It would be necessary to pave all the fields where the battles are taking place so that nothing interferes with the Ukrainians, but stepping on the asphalt in the summer heat is also inconvenient. And there are all kinds of mosquitoes and gnats. Or did “British intelligence” leave it to “British scientists”? Hey, you won’t immediately understand which of them beat who out of the blue.

And there is another terrible weapon that British intelligence officers have no idea about. Because they did not watch the movie “DMB”, otherwise they would have understood that fighting Russia is absolutely useless.

“While the enemy draws offensive maps, we change the landscape, and manually,” the ensign instructed the recruits there. – When it’s time to attack, the enemy is lost in unfamiliar terrain and prepares for the full sky. This is the meaning, this is our strategy.

No, the Bonds, of course, did not dream of such a thing. But this is our most secret weapon, which we have not used yet.

It turns out that no time of the year is suitable for the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In winter – frost and snow, in spring – rains and mud with mud, in summer – heat and greenery. And soon autumn – and new rains with landslides.

Maybe they should also plant cow parsnip from helicopters there?

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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