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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Central District: the most terrible stories of those lost in the woods

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 14:14:47

The heroes of Ivan Yankovsky and Dmitry Chebotarev (right) are ready to do anything to save people. Photo: Still from the film.

Forest. Stupidity. Police.

It is in this order that search engine phobias are built.

Most of the losses are in the forest. Mushroom pickers. Hikers. Country children. Young nymphs who went up to the landing to take a photo and put themselves in the tooth of a moral freak.

Stupidity pushes you to climb into the thickets without the proper equipment, hide embarrassing diagnoses from missing women, estranged teenagers who are prone to undermining and bitter like crazy.

Well, and our territorial bodies. Everyone knows the villagers with daddy, accustomed by life itself not to overwork, to turn to “you” to anyone they meet and stoically endure the misfortunes and deaths of their fellow citizens. We can help and see how it goes.

This is the main list of irritants for search and rescue teams, one of which is a series. It’s just that once a divorced buharik with oddities (Ivan Yankovsky) is pulled out of a snowdrift without money and keys and delivered to the order: found, alive. Of the oddities, it links to the following quest and finds meaning. A cute fool who wants to help everyone (Mila Ershova). Sharagu are the same, with oddities, ready to break out at any moment of the day on an alarm signal. Wandering through forest belts with a flashlight and a walkie-talkie in clothes five degrees warmer than the street temperature – it’s one thing to run to the subway, another – to spend hours in the snow and swamps. Forcing knowledge of relief, diseases and oddities of obscene mothers. “The main thing for him is that some kind of shit is happening around him, and he doesn’t care whether he saves or kills,” the heart in love (Alexandra Ursulyak) will say, adding: “But I just need this.”

smiled. Psychopath. With a surname similar to the call sign – Shtapich. Why more indicative, when such a surname.

According to the search and rescue memoirs of M. Shtapich, everything was arranged, with the name of the hero too, they did not play weird. And the playlist is the music that sounds in the ears in search. Neither rap nor “Beautiful Far Away”, which we can only call youthful and retro, but our everything, from Coffin to Allochka and from the current ones to “Agatha Christie”. “I knew what to buy,” the loving heart smiles, hearing Serov’s “I love you to tears.” “Oh, these girls of seventy-six years of birth to me,” Shtapich, who guessed the tastes of girls, rumbles rather.

In the director Sveshnikov, even from “Container”, a rare ability to consider the extreme – surrogate motherhood, tyranny over servants, the lover’s delivery of a barely grown daughter to the zone according to a rooster’s article – was guessed as something ordinary and ordinary, every now and then happening nearby. She is clearly moving on the same path. A lot still happens in life.

Screenwriter Artem Lyashenko has already written “Lost” about the police curator of search engines. Not a tourist either, but on the subject.

Attention is drawn to the new production bush Shishkin – Dmitrievskaya – Gordeev – but, judging by the list of projects, they were not tired of working with the brothers Andreasyan and Tsypkin, the writer of bawdy jokes, who still did not paint anyone. So from the producers, let’s focus on the engine of the project, Yulia Mishkinen. After last year’s personnel losses, efficient production workers are valued in our country as skillful search-coordinators.

Every story is not made on purpose. Here they take out drugged bikers after a fight with them. They look for a specialist hiker in the 2 x 3 km forest, knowing in advance that they are looking for a dead body. They catch an Italian reporter accompanying a group of extra shots. They swear so much that sometimes you don’t understand what they’re talking about: half of the episodes don’t have an “18+” channel, and not all of them are lip-reading.

This is a chronicle of clumsy, restless, out of place, loving and doing great people, played by artists Chebotarev, Khamatov, Afanasiev and Marina Vasilyeva, wandering through the same abyss, the right setting.

His heroes seem to smoke without exception, causing damage to health and setting a bad example. Not very happy in personal life. Fight easily, make up quickly. If they sour, then on firewood. They sleep anywhere, brushing off the forest dust if possible.

Tired of each other to death, like, apparently, artists who constantly find themselves in the same series.

Just drinking, swearing, sleeping anywhere and busy with a big common problem.

Not always, but this time for sure.



Dir. Maximo Sveshnikov. okko

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