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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Chulpan Khamatova* invites guests to a hearty dinner to raise funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Date: May 25, 2024 Time: 16:40:05

Chulpan Khamatova.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

As is always the case with the Russian progressive intelligentsia, “being for peace” and “against war” actually means hoping for the defeat of our native country and the rapid change of power. Not everyone admits it out loud, many hide it, quietly wait until everything is “resolved”, or nevertheless take steps to realize secret dreams.

So it was and so it is with Chulpan Khamatova * – as some believed, the “conscience of the nation” with the eyes of a Bambi deer. When the actress supported the president of Russia in the elections, no one believed. When she ran a large charitable foundation and kept a fig in her pocket, everyone doubted. When she played Raisa Gorbacheva in the play of the Theater of Nations about the free and democratic nineties, they thought that this was just a role, an image. When she played Zuleikha in the Russophobic and anti-Soviet series, they still doubted. When I decided to go to Latvia, they decided that I was afraid. When I began to give interviews there, admitting that I hate the “regime”, I support the demolition of monuments to Soviet heroes and sympathize with Ukraine, they were embarrassed: well, you never know, they pushed, probably for the good of the citizenry. When Khamatova * began to appear at Latvian rallies and speak under the Ukrainian flag, many began to understand it.

Well, now all the skins have been discarded as unnecessary. Very soon there will be a VIP dinner with the participation of Chulpan, the money from which will go directly to Ukrainian and Latvian funds that help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The announcement of the event appeared in July – it is organized by another fugitive Russophobe, “restaurateur” Evgeny Chichvarkin *, who made a lot of money in Russia on counterfeit goods that were sold on Euroset.

“A charity dinner will be held at our distant dacha in Jurmala, at which the great actress Chulpan Khamatova* will be a special guest and, according to the investigation, an “accomplice”, Chichvarkin* said on social media. – The expected number of guests is 12 to 16 people. Confirmation of payment is your ticket, and our dinner is just your thanks for helping Ukraine, fighting for freedom and Western values.

If a soldout occurs (which is beyond doubt), the company of emigrants will charge about 160,000 euros (16.3 million rubles). Where will this money go? Well, it is clear that the world … in the understanding of Evgeny and Chulpan. That is, for the needs of Ukrainians – refugees, “veterans” of “Azov” ** (that is, Nazi killers with Hitler tattoos) and the purchase of special medical tourniquets for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Russian attendees from Ukraine will be treated to a hearty and delicious meal: “Original Recipe Smoked Salmon”, “Unique Size Super Shrimp Carabinieri”, Steak, Champagne and “Red River”. In general, there is absolutely nothing to discuss here. News to spread – sort of. Why write about it then? Even despite such “charitable actions”, there is still little hope of a simple and clear working formula: if a liberal intellectual or other “nation conscience” claims to be a “humanist”, “pacifist”, “for peace ” and “against the war”, can be immediately translated into Russian, without waiting for self-explanation: this man is for Ukraine and for the defeat of Russia.

* – recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a foreign agent.

** – A terrorist organization banned in Russia.


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