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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Danya Milokhin did not arrive in Moscow: the fugitive blogger checks the public reaction and blatantly lies

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 21:01:48

Blogger Danya Milokhin, 21, remained in Dubai.

Photo: Kirill Mishin

Blogger Danya Milokhin, 21, posted photos from Moscow on social media and wrote to reporters that she had flown to see friends and was staying with them for the moment. On September 9, Milokhin’s brother Ilya even announced the reason for Dani’s return: “I think he missed the people who live here. Guardians, I…”

In fact, Danya Milokhin is still in Dubai. In the fall she will travel to Moscow, but a little later. As the star producer told us: with this joke Milokhin is testing the waters, a possible reaction to her return to make money. They say that Danya is very afraid of flying: but here no one wishes her any harm, she will simply be ignored and she will not have her previous well-paid job.

Milokhin saw the reaction to his staged return: no one was happy. Danya posted photos from Moscow, sparking interest in the future release of the video and gathering comments about her return. She really wants to fly: and she makes inquiries. As we were told: in August, Milokhin’s manager notified well-known producers on TV channels that Danya was ready to work in Moscow.

Artist managers who do online projects received similar messages. Milokhin was invited to film an online project, but for free, which did not interest him. Television people simply do not need Danya. Information about the fee for Dani Milokhin’s performance by the organizers of the event has been updated: the fee has changed from 1.5 million rubles. (a year ago) up to 1 million rubles. Reservations are now open for private events for the New Year: Milokhin wants to show that he knows how to fly and work in Russia.

But there are no orders for it. Milokhin now survives on fees from his performances in Dubai clubs and is sometimes called upon to sing in Kazakhstan. In Dubai, Milokhin tried to convince the producers to invite him to the filming of the television show “Survive in Dubai”, but to no avail. Milokhin travels, visits boutiques and restaurants, often at the expense of wealthy colleagues.

Danya Milokhin flew abroad a year ago: he was tired of skating on the TV show “Ice Age” and went to rest with his blogger friends in the United Arab Emirates. So he disappointed the producers of the TV show and lost big fees. This was not the first interruption of filming or contract violations. After such an act, the star blogger lost advertising contracts and job offers. He ate up his savings and became dependent on the foreign agent Morgenstern*; she lived with him in Dubai so as not to spend money on rent.

Blogger Danya Milokhin finally ruined her reputation when she got into a bad situation while visiting other bloggers in Los Angeles this winter. Milokhin, live on the social network, repeated the Ukrainian anthem after pro-Ukrainian blogger Artur Babich (now living and earning money in Moscow), commented in Ukrainian. At first, Milokhin sang the Russian anthem, but he remembered that Babich was from Ukraine and sang the Ukrainian anthem with him. Naturally, after this, the Russian audience called Danya Milokhin a traitor. He flew from the United States to live in the United Arab Emirates. Now instead of 2 million rubles. per week (and sometimes even per day) he gets by with odd jobs: so far no more than 300 thousand rubles. during the week. The amounts are average, but reflect the situation as a whole. That’s why he wants to fly to Moscow to work.

Milokhin plans a visit to his homeland in October. He worries: “I hope they don’t destroy me there…” It is clear that no one plans to “destroy” or humiliate Milokhin. It’s just not interesting anymore and he won’t have a job here. The return rehearsal showed a negative reaction from the public to Milokhin’s arrival in Moscow. And in public, the childish Danya continues to strut: boasting and planning a luxurious life in Dubai. It is clear that Milokhin has not yet matured. And after the result of the arrival test, his “work and friendship visit” is generally questionable.

*The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation included Morgenstern on the list of individual foreign agents.

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