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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Differences between contributory and non-contributory pension: 700 euros more in your retirement

Date: May 25, 2024 Time: 16:31:39

There are two types of pensions for retirement: the contributory pension and the non-contributory one. Despite the fact that they seem similar, the truth is that there are numerous differences between the two, especially in the total amount of money received by the pensioner. The contributory pension is linked to the time that you have contributed to Social Security. In the case of the non-contributory, it is not necessary to have worked a minimum of years, but it shows that the person is disabled or retired and has no economic resources.

How much is charged with a contributory pension?

A total of 711 euros per month is what separates the average contributory pension of the system from the full non-contributory pension for a single person. The amount remains at 299 euros if the non-contributory pension is compared to the average pension, all of them in 14 payments.

The difference is even greater if the minimum pension of the contributory system is compared with the minimum of 25% for the non-contributory system, which is only 121.15 euros per month. As you can see, the amount to be collected is the first big difference between a non-contributory pension and another that is.

The reason is that the contributory pension is linked to the time that you have contributed to Social Security. To access it, it is necessary to have contributed for a minimum of 15 years to the system and the amount to be collected from the time contributed and the retirement age.

As its name indicates, the non-contributory pension does not require having worked at any specific time, although it does require being a Spanish resident. As it has a more welfare nature, this type of pension is fixed.

Another difference is in its management. Both are regulated by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations. However, the contributory retirement pension depends on the State and Social Security, which is who manages it.

Meanwhile, the non-contributory pension is managed in a decentralized manner through the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services, IMSERSO.

Who can apply for the contributory pension

Contributory pensions are what we all understand as pension pensions. The requirements to access the contributory pension in Spain are:

Have contributed for a minimum of 15 years, two of which must be in the 15 years immediately prior to retirement. Have the legal retirement age, which is currently 66 years and four months. It is also possible to advance the age to 65 years when 37 years and 6 months of contributions are accredited.

With 15 years worked, you can collect 50% of the pension or its regulatory base. To collect 100% of that base, you have to work a total of 36 years and 4 months. For each additional month quoted, your will add an additional percentage to that 50% until the total is reached. That is why the pension that you collect resulted from how long you have contributed.

In any case, people who are entitled to collect a contributory pension may never receive less than the minimum pension set by the State. If after calculating what pension corresponds to them, the amount is less, the state will pay a minimum increase so that it reaches that figure of 783.1 euros.

Who can request the non-contributory pension

The requirements to collect the non-contributory pension are lower. In this case, it is not necessary to have worked a minimum of years, but rather it is demonstrated that the person is in a situation of disability or retired and that they do not have financial resources.

The main condition for accessing the non-contributory pension is not having contributed enough and having an annual income of less than 6,042.2 euros per year if you live alone.

This amount increases when you live with other people, although the income of the entire family group is taken into account. The reason is that this pension has a welfare nature.

In addition to the economic requirements, it is also necessary to reside in Spanish and have done so for at least 10 years, which must have been between the ages of 16 and retirement age. In addition, two of them must be consecutive and immediately prior to requesting the non-contributory retirement pension.

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