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Friday, April 12, 2024
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“Fleeing a heart attack” is no joke: physical activity really protects the heart from arrhythmias and prevents strokes

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 20:36:06

Running can help prevent atrial fibrillation, the world’s most common heart rhythm disorder, and stroke. Cardiologists from Taiwan presented an evidence-based study on this topic at the ESC Cardiology Congress 2023.

The study enrolled 15,450 people without heart problems. They were sent to the treadmill and the condition of the students was measured for 9 years. 59% of them were men and the median age was 55 years.

It turned out that each increase in exercise in the treadmill test was associated with an 8% reduction in the risk of atrial fibrillation, a 12% reduction in the risk of stroke, and a 14% reduction in the risk of stroke. major vascular and cardiac adverse events. results.


– Most likely, the researchers took the standard Bruce protocol for healthy or almost healthy people, it includes 7 steps lasting 3 minutes, at each step there is an increase in the speed of the treadmill and the angle of inclination. The test is performed under ECG control. This protocol makes it possible to assess the functional state of the cardiovascular system, – told KP.RU Maria Tikhomirova, a doctor of physiotherapy and sports medicine, an expert of the National League of Health and an instructor of Nordic Health.


– For the health of the heart and blood vessels, first of all, methods that increase aerobic endurance are useful, – says Maria Tikhomirova. – We strive to increase the person’s tolerance for physical activity, as well as to reach the “economy” of the work of the heart, that is, the person becomes more fit. So compared to someone who doesn’t train, at the same load, their heart rate doesn’t increase. The heart copes with the load normally and works optimally.

– As for the most preferable loads, I can single out dosed walking, including Scandinavian, as a more physiological physical activity. Then comes swimming, stationary cycling, aerobic dancing, and running. But I want to note once again that the effect requires regularity, intensity and duration of training, says Maria Tikhomirova. -Therefore, it is important that each one choose their favorite type of activity, which will accompany them for many happy years.

Boris Polyaev, independent chief specialist in sports medicine at the Russian Ministry of Health, notes that as a result of physical exercise:

– The tone of the veins increases and the venous blood flow is accelerated.

– The rhythmic change of contractions and relaxations of skeletal muscles helps to carry blood to the heart. (!) The ideal exercise for heart health is Nordic walking.

– Moderate exercise helps even with hypertension.

– But for the prevention of hypertension, swimming is perfect: water relaxes muscles, normalizes and improves the cardiovascular system.

Be sure to monitor the intensity and volume of the loads:

– It is better to do your favorite and adequate physical activity daily – from 40 minutes to 1 hour at an average pace;

– It is advisable to be careful with the physical activity of greater intensity, since it can cause an overexertion.

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