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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Gennady Onishchenko: I am against the fact that even in this difficult time, profanity is allowed in the country

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 22:37:56

Gennady Onishchenko

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

… – Gennady Grigorievich, hello! This is the assistant to Academician Onishchenko. I would like to consult on a very important issue.

– Yes… What happened again?

– The fact is that the TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva is sick. She read the statement of Chulpan Khamatova, who warmly welcomes the destruction and demolition of monuments in Riga to our soldiers, and says that …


“I forbade myself to swear, so I felt sick. There is no release of emotions, and I control myself.

– As a public figure and as a venerable doctor, what would you advise? Maybe allow some words? Also, we know that some big politicians use them too. Yes, and from you I heard a couple of times salty-obscene.

– First of all, Sasha, I would like to answer the substantive part of your question…

– Is there any content, right?

– Do not interrupt!

– Tube closer. Is there any content? Yeah?

– I repeat, do not interrupt, please. Before I answer the substantive part of your question, I would first like to react to your insult.

– And who did I offend?

– Which you inflict on me by saying I used profanity.

– I used to listen – sometimes.

– I don’t know where you heard it. You may have auditory hallucinations at times.

– Was was…

– This is the first.

Second. I am categorically opposed to the fact that we are all miserable nonentities, here in the form of that lady whose name you mentioned…

– Don’t you want to repeat it?

– I don’t want these people to be mentioned here at all. Because they are supposedly called representatives of our culture, but in reality they are rude, vicious and have very low psychophysiological characteristics.

And now – indeed.

The bottom line is that in Russia, in the Russian language, according to our highly reputable scientists, there are almost 600 thousand words.

And among these 600 thousand non-normative conferences it does not appear.

– As?

– You are out of this account.

Here, in order to vividly and weightily express any thoughts, any attitude towards someone or something, you just need to study, love and know the Russian language.

And then profanity, it is also called socially reduced, no one will need it.

And when our supposed representatives, again I return to the pseudo-representatives of culture, insist that in movies, in performances, in any other form of expression of the people’s culture, abuse must appear…

And they explain it by the fact that then it will be closer to life… That’s it, that’s it, that should also be prohibited.

And then none of that will happen.

– And how to be then, that is, use some pills so that your blood pressure doesn’t jump… You want to swear, but you don’t.

– Know…

– And you feel bad. How to be then?

I will try to explain it to you with your own example. You’ve been smoking for a long time.

– Yes. And now, sometimes. But – in a dream.

– You don’t smoke now. But your nicotine addiction hasn’t gone anywhere. You are suppressing it. And you are doing the right thing.

That is, your condition today should be called a long-term remission, reaching abstinence.

You do not smoke, but dependence on your body manifests itself, already, as they say, with you for life.

Making this analogy, I would say that if you had not learned to swear as a child, because nobody taught you this, they did not teach you in school. (Now they can teach at school, and this will not surprise me). But at the time when we were studying, we didn’t do this.

– And one more thing, I understood that… And, tell me, sometimes on TV in political programs you hear especially: asshole, shit. Can they be used?

– …

– Pause. straight straight In every day of life.

– Who are the leaders?

I will not name them now. Why advertise them? But I heard these words being spoken.

– Leading what, programs, or what?

– Certainly.

These leaders should be fired. Otherwise we’ll never get rid of it all

– Understood. Thank you very much for such uplifting advice.

– You, Sasha, please use these tips to lift your spirits. And not so, that you just immediately forget …

– No, no, now I’ll learn it by heart.

– Good. In general, I am against the fact that even in this difficult time, swearing and bad words are allowed in the country.

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