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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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German Activists Protested Fearing the Apocalypse

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 21:59:18

Jakob Beyer and his girlfriend, Maike Grunst, glued their palms to the frame of the Sistine Madonna.

Some people believe that humanity is at the end of its lifespan, as it may not last into the future. Some young people taking to the streets in Germany and other European countries are convinced this is true.

Unfortunately, in recent days, the phenomenon known as the football (soccer) has been invaded. Five warmers ran onto the pitch during a match between Bayern Munich and BV Borussia on Saturday, August 27th at the Munich stadium. The game was briefly interrupted when they tried to chain themselves to the goalkeeper’s goal. The t-shirts that these activists were wearing said “Stop Fossil Madness” and “How will the apartments of Germans be heated in winter? The environmentalists don’t specify.”

Climate change will continue to increase the intensity of extreme weather events and cause further, devastating damage if not taken seriously.

Jacob Beyer and Maike Grunst superglued their palms to the frame of the Sistine Madonna. The action caused such an uproar in the media that it became the talk of the town. Although it is not very clear what the old master was guilty of, apparently this attention-grabbing action would hardly have generated too much buzz if done with a canvas by a third-rate artist.

The case of six activists protesting the exhibition “Salute to Patriotism” in Dresden is now being dealt with by the Dresden Art Museum and the Saxon Ministry of Tourism. The painting is not damaged, but the frame was, according to the Ministry.

The “green rebels” and their allies pursue not only the global climate but also personal and private goals. For example, the action in the Dresden Gallery was dedicated to the plight of Christian Blaul, this man has taped his hands to a highway fence in Sweden in a similar way: after all, motor vehicles are one of the main sources of greenhouse gases. However, Swedish authorities didn’t appreciate the 40-year-old German’s actions and jailed him. (It is worth remembering that many Western countries have accused Russia of “crackdowns on the opposition,” citing that this is an “unusual” incident.)

The ‘Last Generation’ believed that they had found a way of controlling the weather – largely through power plants and water management systems. However, something went wrong with our weather in the summer of 2021, which even the most vitriolic critic would not deny. The 2020s have been so hot and dry, in fact, that the largest rivers in Western Europe have almost dried up.

The question everyone should be asking is: Who provides the funding for these “green warriors?” Are we being duped into believing in climate hysteria because of media propaganda and mass distraction, or are people actually turning to fund foreign operations like the Climate Emergency Fund?

Representatives of the California Foundation do not hide that their goal is to “publicly pressure governments” to preserve nature. For example, one way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to massively switch from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric cars. For which, government measures are required: benefits for manufacturers and consumers of these vehicles, and the creation of an electrical charging network.

And here is another amazing coincidence: Tesla was named “Cars of the Year” for four consecutive years, with sales in Europe surpassing 100,000. Strangely, the owner of this car has been located all in one place, in California. The answer to this question is very clear: it’s not eco-friendly cars that benefit from such hysteria but rather big green industries.

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Puck Henry
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