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He was faithful to one woman: who will get the dachas of the theater and film star Igor Yasulovich

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 16:00:20

People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Igor Nikolaevich Yasulovich died in Moscow at the age of 82.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Igor Nikolaevich Yasulovich died in Moscow at the age of 82. A modest, intelligent person, a rare plastic artist (according to colleagues), a charismatic actor (according to audience reviews), a professional and touching teacher (according to students). We talked about what was hidden from the public: about the main heirs and the legacy of Igor Yasulovich.

The main woman of the actor Yasulovich.

Igor Yasulovich has a close-knit family: with his wife, art teacher Natalya Egorova, they lived a long life without betrayal, betrayal and public hearings. Colleagues say about this pair – swan fidelity to each other. Natalya Egorova worked as an art critic at the Bakhrushinsky Theater Museum, taught at GITIS and at the Moscow Art Theater School. She is now retired, she takes care of her youngest granddaughter. And Igor Yasulovich until July 2023 led an active lifestyle: he went to work in the morning and returned late at night: he acted in theatrical productions, taught at GITIS (he took a new course in June) and at VGIK.

Igor Nikolaevich and Natalya Yuryevna managed to celebrate a diamond wedding in 2023. The actor got married in early 1963. Igor Yasulovich was introduced to his wife by a friend, actor Vsevolod Abdulov (now deceased); it seemed to him that Igor and Natasha were suitable for each other. Yasulovich thanked his lifelong friend: “More than half a century of our family life with Natasha proved that he was not mistaken. Vsevolod was married to a school friend of my future wife. And then one summer Seva came up with the idea of ​​courting me and Natasha. The four of us sat in the restaurant “Budapest” – the girlfriend succeeded. There was affection. And the next day, Seva and I came to Natasha and “overtook” her longtime boyfriend … For a year Natasha and I saw each other almost every day, and then we got married … My future wife Natalya Egorova (daughter of the wonderful film director Yuri Egorova) then studied at the Faculty of History. We started living with her grandparents, and one morning we got together and went to the civil registry. And in the evening after the performance (then I was working at the Pantomime Studio Theater), we came to us with other actors and celebrated this event, and all the guests brought a snack with them. Natasha, although she is not an actress, easily fits into our company, and I just as easily entered her circle of friends.

Three years after the wedding, the couple had a son. The artist recently recalled: “When Natasha used Alyosha, experts began to say that music has a beneficial effect on the unborn baby. We tried to go to the conservatory more often, I started collecting records and now the collection is already very large”. This is how the touching Igor Nikolayevich took care of his wife Natasha and his son Alexei all his life.

Alexei Yasulovich continued the acting dynasty: after school he graduated from the Theater School. Shchukin, he began to act in films. In the early 90s, Alexey went to England to study: he graduated from an acting school, where, in addition to creative professions, he mastered management. When he returned home a year later, he got a job at an advertising company. The son of a national artist now works as a director, producer and teacher.

Igor Yasulovich said that he always found a compromise with his wife, and therefore there were no serious quarrels. The People’s Artist said that there are no secrets to a long marriage, you just have to love and respect each other: “We have not had situations like this in which someone said: enough, I’m leaving! Of course, there are no offenses, sometimes misunderstandings happen. It is important to understand that it is worth leaving a person alone, and after a while no one will remember what happened … “

Igor Nikolaevich was a romantic, he could choose a bouquet of wild flowers for his wife: “I walked and picked up a good bouquet, and I didn’t just buy a few roses. On tour, if something catches your eye: a ring or something cute from clothes: a blouse, a coat, then you bring it as a gift.

happy life outside the city

The family of the national artist is truly friendly: this is also proved by the fact that three generations have been living together for many years. They could be gone for a long time, but they don’t want to, everyone is comfortable: both children and grandchildren. Yasulovich sold an apartment in Moscow and bought a house on the outskirts of Moscow, a few kilometers from the Altufievo metro station. Igor Nikolaevich said: “We live in a semi-detached house and together, but at the same time separately. The house has three floors. The first is a kitchen-dining room, the second is our space with my wife: a bedroom and a living room. And in the third son Alyosha lives with his wife Ksyusha and his daughter Glafira. The daughter-in-law works at GITIS as the dean of the faculty where artists are taught. Alexey is a director, producer, shoots, edits. I went to the camp, I taught the kids to make movies.” Yasulovich adored his granddaughters. Young Glafira is still a schoolgirl (16 years old) studying piano at a music school. The eldest (from her son’s first marriage) Vera (28 years old) graduated from the GITIS production department, is married, lives in St. Petersburg.

When the son of the national artist was little, the family rented a house in the town every summer. And 25 years ago, the couple bought their village house, near Toropets, 400 km from Moscow. A bathhouse was also built there and the well was renovated. “Two weeks are enough for him to rest well. It happens that it is possible to live a month with interruptions”, said the artist of the town. Igor Nikolaevich rested only with his family, which was his reliable rear.

And in this family there will be no inheritance conflicts and trips to gatherings on this issue. The artist’s heirs from the first stage are his wife and his only child. But the village artist did not accumulate great wealth: a share in a suburban and village house, to be divided in half between his wife and his son.

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