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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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How much does it cost to prepare an opposition?

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 21:44:46

More and more people decide to prepare for an opposition in Spain, since it is a selection process that allows access to public administration jobs, with all the advantages that this entails, many of them related to a better life quality. If you are thinking about becoming a civil servant, you may wonder how much money you have to invest in preparing for the opposition.

However, every year thousands of people decide to take the tests, which generates great competition that makes better preparation necessary, and this implies having to resort to different services and resources that imply a higher cost. And getting an opposition involves investing a significant amount of time, but also money.

Talking about the general cost for every opponent is complicated, since it really depends on the situation of each one of them. In fact, there are those who spend 1,500 euros a month for full dedication to studying exams, an amount that results from the monthly fee of a study center, the cost of the residence hall and the price of living in a big city. . like Madrid, to which we must add the disbursement for the acquisition of the syllabi.

In any case, this is just one example of many, although the preparers estimate that, to pass A1 level competitions, which are those corresponding to civil servants with management, inspection, execution, control, study and other similar jobs, . of a higher administrative nature, it takes about 18 months, so the total cost could be between 6,000 and 19,000 euros, depending on whether you have to pay for a place to study and live.

Factors that influence the cost of preparing an opposition

To determine how much it costs to prepare an opposition, there are different factors to assess, starting with the preparation method. This will depend on each opponent and each one will have to decide if they prefer to prepare it on their own, if they are going to go to a specialized academy and have a teacher, if they are going to hire the services of an individual trainer, or if they use an online platform for this. . , among others. In fact, more and more people are choosing to teach classes online to reduce costs.

Likewise, the type of opposition you seek to participate in influences, the preparation being more expensive the higher the level of the places. This means that among the most expensive processes are those of groups A1 of the General State Administration and equivalent in the rest of the local and regional Administrations, in which it is required to at least have a university degree.

For the vast majority of positions, preparation takes between one and three years, which means that the cost of courses guided by teachers already represents an outlay of between 1,000 and 7,000 euros. In this way, preparation time is another factor that influences the final cost, depending on both dedication and the ability to study and memorize. Furthermore, to all of the above we must add the materials and syllabuses necessary for the preparation of the oppositions.

In any case, the costs vary depending on each particular case, with the possibility of reducing costs by up to half if you opt for exclusive preparation through the internet or if the opponent resorts to one of the promotions offered by some academies. advance payment change.

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