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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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How much liquid can I carry in the suitcase? Airports that allow two liters

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 19:26:39

Traveling by plane has always gone hand in hand with correctly knowing the measures required by each airline or each airport. 100 ml. The new technology has allowed several airports to test new security systems that eliminate the restriction on the amount of liquid allowed, which would authorize travelers to board the plane with up to two liters in cabin luggage.

What until now had been a measure to prevent terrorist attacks is about to disappear. After tests carried out in the United Kingdom at the end of 2022, Helsinki airport has recently incorporated new scanners into its facilities that can increase the amount of liquids allowed in hand luggage. This latest CT scanning technology, however, will join more airports in Europe in completely abolishing the 100ml rule currently in force.

Finavia, the company that manages Finland’s airports, will allow passengers to carry up to two liters of liquids in hand luggage at Helsinki Airport (HEL). Current rules allow a maximum of 100 ml, or 0.1 liters, of liquid containers in carry-on luggage, preventing passengers from bringing larger beverages, liquid food and cosmetic products through security.

In this way, traveling through the Helsinki airports is easier “thanks to the new, more modern control equipment at the airport, we can now allow the transport of liquid containers that will be more than one hundred milliliters,” according to Ari Kumara, the manager of Finavia Security.

New control systems at airports

In the summer of 2022, Finavia launched the first phase of its security project: a revamped security zone at HEL consisting of eight security lanes equipped with new scanners. While the maximum container size for liquids remained at 100ml, the new scanners meant travelers no longer had to remove liquids and electronic devices from their luggage, speeding up security lanes and making the passenger experience more convenient. .

The second and final phase was completed this month with the opening of two additional security lanes and the commissioning of all 10 lanes. Enhanced liquid allowances are only in effect at Departures at Helsinki Airport, and not at other airports in the country under the control of Finavia or for transferring passengers in Helsinki.

That is why, Finavia becomes the pioneer in the aeronautical sector, implementing its new technology to its passengers, to “provide them with a pleasant experience at the airport and thus begin their trip in a smoother and more relaxed way”. adds Finavia’s security manager.

Road to the abolition of the 100 ml rule

It used to be that liquids of any volume could be brought on board a flight by passengers; however, following the discovery of a liquid-based terrorist plot against commercial aircraft in 2006, authorities around the world restricted liquids on board to a maximum of 100ml.

This rule has been around ever since, but technological advances seem destined to end it forever. So far, only a handful of airports around the world have detected CT scanners for this purpose, but the number is growing. In the UK, London City (LCY) was the first to lift the 100ml rule, while other UK airports are expected to follow before a government-mandated June 2024 deadline.

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