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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Throwing slop at Abascala is inappropriate. The coach boldly seeks and tests options

Date: June 14, 2024 Time: 18:10:22

According to the results of the match “Spartak” – “Zenith”, the head coach of Muscovites Guillermo Abascal got the most. He is accused of the poor choice of tactics, the search for excuses after the defeat and the generally weak game of the pupils. The rojiblancos, of course, lost, but does the mentor deserve all the rubbish that is now thrown at him?

You have to understand that the young mentor has a completely different mindset. As a child he learned the basics of football in the Sevilla youth academy and even tried to get into the Catalan Masia. In addition to soccer, he participated in a variety of sports, preparing himself for a coaching career, and in addition to his native Spanish, he learned four more. And from such a multifaceted person, do you expect a boring movement of blinders in a straight line without experimenting with the composition?

Since childhood, in team sports, we have laid completely different foundations, where precision is in the foreground. The main thing is not to fuck. Of course, when we are later approached by a specialist who is not afraid to experiment even in large and high-profile matches, we immediately try to “land” this upstart.

Some are outraged that Ruslan Litvinov and Theo Bongonda ended up on the bench. But the first did not have the most successful game against Ural, and the second, perhaps, Abaskal wanted to reinforce the game along the way. In any case, the coach is responsible for the result, so he understands what he is doing. Not all fans may like his decisions, but he must not adapt to them when choosing a starting XI or line-up.

Andrei Anosov / “Sovsport”

In defense, Spartak, of course, played so-so, but is the coach to blame for the fact that the defenders leave Ivan Sergeev completely alone, who hits the crossbar? Or when Giorgi Jikia plays so clumsily that he slices the ball into his own net after a shot goes wide? Maybe it was Abascal who told Alexis Duarte to play absolutely stupid in the Zenit second goal situation?

But for some reason, everyone ignored that the rojiblancos played much more interesting after the break. Isn’t this an indicator of training if he is able to encourage players? The game showed that Spartak has big problems in defense, on which, without a doubt, there is still a lot of work to be done. That’s just it can’t be considered a reason to unleash all the dogs on poor Guillermo. Moreover, if we believe the leading indicator xG (even if many people consider it in their own way), the Muscovites had even more dangerous moments – 1.23 against 1.04.

Spartak must correct and work on the mistakes. We concede and mark all together. We have to keep believing in the guys and keep going. I am sure that we will fix everything”, said the helmsman of the capital team after the game. Don’t you want to do everything possible after this so that next time you don’t let the coach down? This is just a vivid example of building trusting relationships in a team, when the mentor supports after mistakes, and does not scold in an emotional outburst.

Andrei Anosov / “Sovsport”

And nothing bad happened. Yes, the rojiblancos let the Saint Petersburg team through, but they are one point behind, just like Dinamo. CSKA usually has the same nine points in the asset. Krasnodar took the lead, but success in the championship does not depend on victories in big matches, but on stability in the distance. And Spartak proved this – five victories in a row since the start of the season in the RPL and the Russian Cup, and not boring and laborious, but bright and spectacular. Someone will remember the game with the Urals, but when the opponent wins, although he was inferior in the score until the 90th minute, this is more of an accident than some kind of pattern.

Before we trample Abascal’s name underfoot, let’s see how his team looks later on. Ahead of Spartak there are matches against Akhmat, periodically full of life, and then against Dynamo, Krasnodar and Sochi. Now, if the rojiblancos look mediocre there, and the results turn out to be unsatisfactory, then you can ask the coach the appropriate questions.

It is clear that the defeat in such a fundamental game is difficult for the team’s fans to perceive, but we must maintain at least a shred of composure. Many were “woken up” by the words of the Spaniard that an early yellow card broke the match. But, since when does this talk about the quality of a coach’s work? Xavi, for example, complained about the heat, Jurgen Klopp about the dry field, Pep Guardiola about the schedule and weight of the balls, Jose Mourinho about the work of the ball boys and Alex Ferguson once even about the color of the uniform. Do these words also make mentors physical education teachers? Or is it different?

Andrei Anosov / “Sovsport”

Let’s get behind Abaskal and let the person work: look for the best combinations, try to bring protection to his senses. The Spaniard has won five games in a row since the start of the season, and now, after two defeats, they are almost about to burn him at the stake. It does not smack of a fair and objective attitude towards the coach, all the negative is just emotions.

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