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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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How the widow Alexandra Abdulova lives now: “In love and with a wedding ring”

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 02:12:59

Recently, Julia showed off a new ring on social media.


Abdulova’s wife, the youngest daughter of artist Alexander Abdulov, was only nine months old when her father died of cancer. Alexander Gavrilovich’s wife, Yulia, became a widow very early, at the age of 32. It seemed that in recent years the actor had found personal happiness, but a serious illness destroyed all of his plans.

– Sasha was very happy when Zhenya was born. We were planning to have more children… It seemed to us that we had a lot ahead of us,” Yulia Abdulova recalled the happy moments in a conversation with Komsomolskaya Pravda.

I became interested in astrology.

– Although Zhenya does not remember her father, she knows all his works in cinema and theater. She is very similar to Sasha and her mother Lyudmila Alexandrovna. And her father’s character is stubborn and creative,” friends of the Abdulov family say. -At first, Zhenya wanted to be an actress, but then she changed her mind. She may enter GITIS in the management department. She is already making videos for social networks. She is interested in mysticism and loves auteur cinema. Previously, Zhenya posted her videos on the Internet in the public domain, but because of people who like to criticize everything, she stopped doing it.

“Yulia started her career in the office of the late oligarch Shabtai Kalmanovich, she was his personal assistant,” Abdulova’s friends told KP. – And then I met Sasha and became a housewife. After the death of her husband, she became interested in astrology and even took special courses.

Becoming a widow, Yulia sadly said that she was unlikely to find a man of Alexander Abdulov’s caliber.

– It is very difficult for me. And I understand that this will not happen to me again,” she shared with KP.

Alexander and Yulia Abdulov were a very beautiful couple. Photo: Lisa LARINA/PhotoXPress

“Also Alexander”

But it seems that 15 years after the death of the artist, Julia’s heart was finally conquered by a new chosen one. The woman started having a page on social media and recently intrigued her subscribers with a photo of a ring that looks like an engagement ring.

“This is a gold ring, similar in width to a wedding ring,” confirms our guesses from the artist-jeweler, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Andrei Ananov, to whom we showed the jewelry. – The stones are difficult to see in the photo, but it seems to me that they are small diamonds that cost $800 a carat. And there are two or three tenths of them. About 10 grams of gold are equivalent to 40 thousand rubles. Well, the work of a jeweler costs 50 000. In total, one ring costs 100-150 thousand rubles.

We were already happy for Yulia, but one of Abdulova’s friends, whom we contacted by phone, said that the artist’s widow had not yet received a marriage proposal. In any case, she did not announce it publicly.

“Yulia is dating a mature man, he is over 60 years old. And his name, like Abdulova, is Alexander,” Abdulova’s friend told Komsomolskaya Pravda. -The man is very rich, he comes from the business sector and has nothing to do with cinema. She and Yulia live separately, but he helps her. She and her daughter, as before, stay in Sasha’s apartment on Gilyarovsky Street. Everything remained there, as in Abdulov’s life, all his things were preserved. The apartment is like Sasha’s mini-museum.

The daughter of Alexander and Yulia Abdulov, Zhenya, dreams of becoming a director.



Trofim’s head turned

Even before meeting the artist, Yulia Abdulova was known as a fatal beauty. In 2001 she dated the famous singer Trofim. They say that he dedicated his hit “Bullfinches” to Yulia. But it was a fleeting romance.

A year later, Julia married a businessman, but this union lasted only three years. Because at one of the film festivals the woman met Abdulov.

The romance with the artist developed quickly. In 2006, Abdulov and Yulia got married. A year later his daughter Evgenia was born. Abdulov, who no longer thought that after a difficult divorce from actress Irina Alferova he would find a family, was incredibly happy. Before the birth of Zhenya, Alexander Gavrilovich did not have his own children; The actor raised Irina Alferova’s daughter Ksenia as his own. And finally, at the age of 54, the long-awaited daughter was born. Unfortunately, nine months after Zhenya’s birth, Alexander Gavrilovich passed away.

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