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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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How to save gasoline in the car with just pressing this button

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 08:25:44

In summer we use the car more, since it is usually one of the preferred means of transport to go on vacation. Although traveling with our own vehicle gives us more freedom of movement, it must be taken into account that it will also force us to spend more money, especially on fuel. However, there are several formulas to save gasoline and one of them is activating only one button.

In the months when temperatures rise, cars tend to consume more gasoline or diesel, since when it is very hot the performance of the engine is not optimal, in addition to the fact that we tend to use (and sometimes abuse) air conditioning. . However, knowing all the functionalities of our vehicle will help us save on fuel and, with it, contain the economic expense on vacations.

Beyond applying the relevant efficient driving techniques, we can use a button located on the vehicle’s dashboard, together with those for activating the car’s air conditioning, to save up to 30% on fuel. According to some experts, it is the air recirculation button, a button that is usually kept active and that reduces fuel consumption, increasing the number of kilometers that can be covered with a tank. In this way, the driver will delay the time to stop at the gas station to refuel.

How the air recirculation button works and when to use it

The air recirculation button closes the access of air from outside to the interior of the vehicle, favoring the reuse of the air that was already found in the car’s passenger compartment. Pressing this button in summer helps to save so much that the air conditioning system takes the air from inside, which is at a lower temperature, instead of taking the hot air from outside.

The car’s air conditioning can, thanks to this mechanism, work with an air flow at a temperature close to the selected one, which favors energy savings. In this way, reducing fuel costs. At the same time, it reduces the effort that the air conditioning system has to make, slowing wear and tear.

Other scenarios where it is advisable to use the air recirculation button are traffic jams or dusty or smoky environments. By pressing it, we will keep the air flow from the car to the cabin clean of allergens or particles. However, care must be taken not to abuse it since it can also create dangerous situations for the driver.

Dangers of activating the air recirculation button in the car

Keeping the air recirculation button active is a simple gesture that can help us save fuel on road trips by car. However, its continued use is not appropriate since it can cause dangerous situations that affect the health of the driver and can cause accidents.

Excessive reuse of air in the car causes drowsiness in the driver. In addition, it causes the car windows to fog up more, hide the visibility of the road and the rest of the vehicles that circulate on them.

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