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How to volunteer in Russia: step-by-step instructions – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 08:18:12

Now the numbers continue to surprise: more than 6,000 Russians have already completed their voluntary training for the World Youth Festival and the Future Games have managed to attract 2,000 interested citizens.

What is the essence of volunteering? What benefits does this activity provide? And how to volunteer in Russia? The answers are in the RG material.


Who volunteers and what do they do? Volunteering areas; Benefits of volunteering; Who can become a volunteer? How to sign up as a volunteer in Russia: step-by-step instructions

Who volunteers and what do they do?

The hallmark of any volunteer is dedication. First of all, it manifests itself in a selfless desire to help others, of one’s own free will.

Volunteers carry out all kinds of tasks: they can be seen at large sporting and cultural events, where they deal with organizational issues; gather in orphanages, hospices, in the ranks of search teams, in animal shelters; They catch you working on the restoration of architectural objects or in museums, where they suggest the program of a cultural event or even conduct separate excursions, etc.

Volunteers of the environmental program of the International Youth Summer Ecological Camp, located near the village of Lugovoye, Kaliningrad Region, clean the surrounding area of ​​garbage. Photo: Igor Zarembo / RIA Novosti

Volunteer responsibilities may include:

check tickets for a closed event, provide assistance and support to people in need, including the elderly, disabled, orphans and other socially vulnerable groups; collect humanitarian aid; carry out information campaigns to attract other volunteers; organize events (gather guests, inform about the program, install equipment, decorate the space); promote charitable projects through social networks, develop a content plan; work with documentation, write reports on tasks performed and resources spent; environmental activities (landscaping assistance, tree planting, garbage collection); animal Care.

Areas of volunteer activity

It will not be possible to find a single correct classification of volunteering: the criteria for division vary depending on the legislation of a particular state, the statutes of a particular non-profit organization, and a number of other factors.

However, for convenience, it is customary to distinguish between five main areas of voluntary activity:

environmental; social; cultural; doctor; sports.

All other emerging trends can often be attributed to one of the above. For example, donation, which is one of the most requested and popular forms of volunteer activity, fits perfectly into the medical field. And voluntary participation in the aforementioned “Future Games”, which have become the center of physical sports, can be described as sport.

A volunteer during the start of the application campaign for the Future Games 2024 volunteer program in Kazan. Photo: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

Other unusual areas of volunteer activity include:

volunteering in the media: creation of multimedia reports, processing of photo and video materials, writing analytical articles (volunteers in the media are needed almost always and everywhere, for example, in the “Immortal Regiment” campaign, at the Parade Victory); volunteering at events – assistance in organizing and holding major events at various levels (for example, “Russian Creative Week”, festival “Moscow Seasons”); animal volunteering: caring for animals, willingness to participate in foster care, collecting necessary care items.

What does volunteering provide?

Volunteers do their work not for financial reward, but out of the will of their hearts. The main motivation is altruistic beliefs, a selfless desire to help in all available means. By showing initiative and coming to the aid of others, volunteers satisfy, above all, the needs of the soul. But this activity also has other advantages, which are sometimes much more valuable than a monetary incentive. Among them:

development of important skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership; new contacts and acquaintances, increasing the usual circle of friends; useful experience, which can also be useful for a portfolio when applying to a university or during employment; The opportunity to travel comprehensively enriches your horizons.

Volunteer Denis Sotnikov proposes to his fiancée, volunteer Anna Egozova, during the second day of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch Relay in Nizhny Novgorod. Photo: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

Who can become a volunteer?

If you want to volunteer, there are practically no barriers for you. The only thing that can get in the way is age. Minor volunteers must have written permission from a parent or guardian. It is more difficult for those under 14 years of age: they will have to bring with them an official representative who will supervise the work and be responsible for their actions.

December 5, 2019. Russian President Vladimir Putin presented the prize to the winner of the all-Russian competition “Volunteer of Russia 2019” in the category “Volunteer of the Year” to Inessa Klyukina (foreground left) at the closing of the forum “Russian Volunteer”. Photo: Mikhail Metzel / RIA Novosti

By the way

Russian legislation does not provide for the procedure for concluding separate contracts with volunteers. However, signing such a document is an available option: it all depends on the organization.

How to volunteer in Russia

From a formal point of view, volunteering is as easy as shelling pears! The main thing in this matter is to determine how morally prepared you are to help others for free.

Step one. Decide if you are sure you sincerely want to volunteer. Weigh the pros and cons, create a schedule for your job, and find free time there to dedicate to volunteering.

Second step. If you are already 14 years old and do not need to ask anyone to represent you during events, go to the DOBRO.RF portal, where, by the way, you can issue an electronic volunteer book (EVC). This platform offers a wide range of good works that you can participate in. And if you live in Moscow, the Mosvolonter portal will become a convenient resource center.

Step three. Register in the system. Try to fill out the proposed fields as detailed as possible, especially the “hobbies” column. All information about your achievements and personal preferences will help algorithms find those projects in which you can perform your skills most effectively.

Step four. If digital services don’t appeal to you, try finding a volunteer center in your area. It is especially convenient to search through the website of the Association of Volunteer Centers – the interactive map will be a reliable support!

Step five. Find a project that interests you, join it, recharge with positive energy and feel like a true volunteer.

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