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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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How Ukraine’s special forces escaped from a cowardly armed Russian peasant: a great shame on “independence day”

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 18:33:03

And they say that it was after seeing this man with a carbine on his shoulder that the Ukrainian special forces retreated to the ships and left the coast.

Photo: video screenshot

Ukraine celebrates its Independence Day today. That is, Nezalezhnosti, if it is expressed in Move. And, of course, on that day, the head of the Military Intelligence of the NUR Independent of the Ministry of Defense. A sweet-faced sadist, General Kirill Budanov, could not stand aside. After a long rest, he came out of the bunker, or wherever he is for safety, and stated that the Ukrainian Defense Forces could reach anywhere on the Crimean peninsula.

– The Ukrainian army can now attack any part of Crimea. We can reach the enemy at any point, ”he announced. – Those who have done stupid things better leave. And those who are waiting should prepare and do everything possible to help, first of all, the intelligence services, and then, when the troops go out into the open.

However, he also recalled his “nonsense”, in particular his personal predictions about the occupation of the peninsula by the Armed Forces of Ukraine until the end of spring this year, which did not come true.

– Yes, they went off schedule. Yes, unfortunately it must be admitted that events are unfolding more slowly than they should by all calculations. But we have what we have, – Budanov admitted, but immediately found an excuse. – Intelligence forecasts are based on facts, figures, the course of events, forecasts on economic performance, etc. But there is also a reality that takes place, as they say, on the battlefield. The reality on the battlefield turned out to be less intense than expected at the time.

Reality failed the “great explorer.” Oh, this reality, which does not correspond to his ideas. But now, in his opinion, the reality has changed and the level of hostilities in Crimea is much more intense than last year.

– That is, we are going to the goal. Yes, slower than we wanted, slower than expected, but come on, -Budanov completed his pace.

Fighting in the Crimea? Now? Yes, it hurts more than it seems. Or was it he who reported on the raid of the Ukrainian special forces, who landed on several motor boats near the camp near Cape Tarkhankut? By the way, the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Yusov, has been lying for three hours already about the fact that Ukrainian special forces, they say, destroyed at least 30 Russians in the landing zone. Anyone, if this campsite wasn’t even guarded? It turns out that peaceful citizens of Russia? Excuse me, but the death of so many citizens cannot be hidden in any way. Tourists came from all regions. All friends have relatives. Now many regions would be on alert if the GUR reports were true. Or on a holiday, and even on Independence Day, can Ukrainians completely impiously lie?

Yes, some group of saboteurs accidentally pounced. By the way, these random incidents often become a good lesson for our military. And they no longer repeat. That is why I am afraid that now, even on a ship, the large special forces of Ukraine will be able to swim, perhaps to the bottom.

And an interesting video appeared on the Web in which at night a Russian man in shorts, obviously awake and very dissatisfied, walks around this camp, puts on a T-shirt and hangs “Saiga” on his shoulder. And they say that it was after seeing this man with a carbine on his shoulder that the Ukrainian special forces retreated to the ships and left the coast. It turns out that the lives of two dozen trained special forces soldiers were put at risk just to pin the Ukrainian flag on a board. It has already become a tradition: the Ukrainians dragged the border post through Kharkov, put a flag on the Serpentine, and now they landed in Tarkhankut to stick their rag to the wall of the house. And after all, in all these cases, many did not return from the mission.

Like it or not, it’s hard to say. Once again, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that there was an attempt to land, but returning to the starting line, the Viking ships off the Ukrainian coast bravely sank and only very few “flag bearers” survived.

And Budanov can continue to develop his almost erotic fantasies about victories. He is not used to it. Earlier this summer he said that “in purely psychological terms, Ukraine took Crimea.” Purely psychologically, I even hung a rag. Perhaps a man with a gun will update his underwear, if he is not afraid to get dirty.

So let Ukraine “purely overcome itself psychologically”, but it is afraid of a Russian peasant with a gun. Because he comes…


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