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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Evgeny Satanovsky: If there are no Europeans or Americans, no one will muddy the waters KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 25, 2024 Time: 16:57:42

Based on this, all those who make up the BRICS today, that is, South Africa and Russia, India, China and Brazil, are interested in strengthening their ranks with those players. Like any team and its coach, it is important that the best players play with them. At one time, such were Pele and Garrincha, Lev Yashin in the USSR national team. Well, who will refuse a serious figure on the field? And everything else is artistic whistle, exactly the same as an attempt to single out Muslim states in an organization on a geographical basis.

To date, the level of gross domestic product that the alliance has in the world is 37 percent, together with these six countries. Let me remind you that 37 percent is more than the G7, more than the United States and the rest. Then we will see what the rules of the game will be, because today we are talking about reformatting the world, both the economic space and, later, the political and military. Talk about the fact that there can no longer be a one-man hegemon, who does not care about everything and everyone, and sets his own rules of the game.

When Americans had more than half of the world’s GDP after World War II, that was a situation. Now the situation is different. But it was then that some rules of the game were observed in the world, and today they are not observed, the United States is to blame, and this is very alarming for other players, including such different countries as Iran and Saudi Arabia, for example. Yes, all BRICS members have contradictions. China and India, Brazil and Argentina, Egypt and Ethiopia along the Nile and along the Renaissance Dam. This means that there is something to decide and there is a platform for this conversation, where there will be no external arbitrators who fight with each other, try to blackmail, control.

It is no coincidence that France was not invited to the BRICS summit, although Macron was very eager to attend. But he was given to understand that, in this case, one of the largest colonial powers in Africa and Asia, apparently, is not very interesting for the alliance. If there are no Europeans or Americans, no one will muddy the waters.

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Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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