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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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“I am an ambitious artist, I want to surprise” – Denis Vlasenko about the series “Alfa Romeo” and the role of a dream

Date: June 22, 2024 Time: 08:29:50

In the online cinema from August the series Alfa Romeo was released, the main character of which, the feminist Dasha (Kristina Kucherenko), decides to conduct an experiment: to take a toxic alpha male in order to re-educate him. One of the main roles was played by Denis Vlasenko, who, after the release of the Happy End series, is one of the most sought-after young Russian actors. Before the premiere of Alfa Romeo, regular collaborator of BURO. Katya Zagvozkina told him about her attitude towards feminism, explicit scenes and the dream of playing a villain.

Yeah, I’m doing great! But I try not to actively speak on this topic, because no matter what your position is (you support feminism, speak against it, remain indifferent), in any case you will be criticized. If you are a supporter of feminism, you will be scolded for not knowing enough about it. And if they are against it, they will criticize for obvious reasons.

Images from the series “Alfa Romeo”

When I read the script I thought it was a discussion project: the series raises a social issue that was interesting to talk about. Two years ago it was topical and fresh, it was a delicate subject. Now we have a completely different life and honestly I don’t hear anything about feminism. I wonder to what extent what we’ve done is relevant and in tune with today’s audience.

Specifically, she did not have a “feminism coach.” The fact is that the series has four main characters, and each has its own story. My hero Mark is a young artist, a creative guy who escaped from the care of his tyrannical father and went to Moscow. There he tries to fulfill himself and find himself. My character is not directly related to the issue of feminism; he comes into contact with him only in the person of Dasha (Kristina Kucherenko’s heroine), who helps him mend his relationship with his domineering father.

Certainly! I’m from a small provincial town and there those characters are the rule and not the exception.

Taken from the “Alfa Romeo” series

Run, hide, try to disappear!

In the spring, the film Yura the Janitor was released, in which I played a fashion photographer named Roma. When they sent me her script, I was very surprised. And the first thing she said when she got to the audition was: “Why did you send me Danila Kozlovsky’s script? You have her character from the movie “Duhless” written in black and white. How do you imagine me in this role? But we tried and it turned out that everything worked out. The key reference for me was the lead in the movie “Blowup”; for a while I wanted to borrow his complex and contradictory charisma. I am already so used to the heroes, the young people who offer me most often, that this role turned out to be a real challenge for me. And it seems to me that the challenge has been met.

Honestly no. Perhaps because in my career everything was gradual. It seems to me that I did not get sick, I did not particularly bother. People recognize him on the street, come over to take pictures. But has anything changed regarding this? Do not think.

Absolutely no villains yet. But I feel like I talk so much about my desire to play a villain that I set the stage for such offers to emerge (laughs). It is again about the challenge: I am an ambitious young artist, I want to surprise! The scoundrels are the opposite of my texture, the image the audience is used to, and myself, which means it’s difficult and interesting to play them. But negative guys, bastards, penetrate my filmography, and this cannot but rejoice!

Yeah! Netflix has a documentary series, Hands Off Cats!, whose protagonist is simply a monster, a complete psychopath. When I saw it, I squealed with joy and told everyone to write a script for a movie based on it and I would play the main role.

Images from the series “Alfa Romeo”

When I went to the movies I thought: “I look like a schoolboy, how can a subject like this touch me?” But no, these projects find me alone! It even flatters me to some degree. Why offer them to me? Maybe because I can talk about those topics? (laughs) I’m a big fan of Sex Education; It’s one of my favorite shows in the world. And I had no prejudice that since I starred in a series about sex at the beginning of my career, then I would only act in those. Yes to health!

You ask me like I’m a master of the bed scene! (laughs) I do have one piece of advice though: wash yourself before filming.

You are welcome. I would say that these series are completely opposite. First of all, “On this very thing” is pure comedy. According to the plot, my hero Mitya, a young man who studied medicine in St. Petersburg, returns to his hometown. And it turns out that he did not study a surgeon or a dentist, as his fellow townspeople expected, but a psychologist-sexologist. From this moment on, Mitina’s struggle for sexual enlightenment in the village of Ozernoe begins. We joked that it was the Russian edition of Sex Education, in the sense of a vibe, not borrowing from the Netflix series. I really like the script: it’s endlessly funny, very precise, subtle, moving and not at all vulgar.

Taken from the “Alfa Romeo” series

It is clear that there is a lot of me in my characters, but more often than not one quality is twisted to its full potential in them, dwarfing all the others. I think we are very different with my boys.

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