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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Kologrivy admitted psychological problems after a drunken fight

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 10:50:18

Actor Nikita Kologrivy

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Recall that on March 19, in one of the hookah bars in Novosibirsk, Nikita Kologrivy drank too much alcohol and quarreled with the establishment’s employees. Furthermore, while intoxicated, he disturbed the waitress and bit her on the leg. Of course, the unpleasant incident immediately became public and the 29-year-old actor was tried and sent to prison for a week. In a three-hour interview for journalist Laura Dzhugelia’s YouTube channel, Nikita spoke for the first time about what happened.

about the fight

This was not a fight. I can’t even characterize this in any way, because at the time I don’t remember him being sane. The funny thing is that we called this girl in the morning. She laughed on WhatsApp, like: “Don’t worry.” I say, “I’m sorry for God’s sake. This is complete nonsense. “I am ready to apologize like a man.” But after a fight they don’t move their hand.

I have no idea. I don’t want to describe this situation in detail because many people will have doubts. I think there is a fact here. I didn’t go into details. I don’t see the point of looking for excuses after this video and presenting to my viewers and fans… It’s a shame for me to discuss all this. I’ll tell you this, I’m never the first to pick a fight… Here I thought someone wanted to offend me, humiliate me… In the video you can see that I was in a state of helplessness. It’s not nice. I do not know how to describe it. There were many times when I separated these situations. And now he found himself in it.

About the “apology turtleneck”

I don’t want to behave like many artists, when they are pressured by some reputation situation and immediately begin to become patrons of the arts, to help people, to earn a place to continue being here. How I communicated with SVO fighters before I was famous, I know them personally there. I communicate with them in personal correspondence. But I’m definitely not going to do it in a demonstrative way now, like, look how I am. There are no problems seeing the fighters. And now, after this situation, I will go to the Northern Military District, but they will still say that it was to curry favor. I’ll be scared. They have stigmatized me so much that I can’t do it. They’ll say I’m wearing a turtleneck.

About the projects from which he was expelled after the fight

Thank God another number has grown… Now I will fade into the shadows of all the work that was planned… I think that in principle it is necessary to do this. A large number of creative teams were afraid of the agenda and considered that there was no longer a place for Nikita Kologrivy in his material … I showed weakness and realized that if he had shown it even more, it would have been even worse. Because all these people were not working with me, but with the agenda. In both love and creativity, I believe that if it doesn’t rise, don’t you dare touch it. If there is no chemistry, nothing will work out for you. That’s why now there are other artists on the way. And if our country really needs me, then some kind of metamorphosis must occur to me. Honestly, I don’t want to save myself and play the good guy in the movies so everyone forgets that I bit the waitress. Well, I’m not that guy.

About problems with alcohol.

I never drank often. I always had some psychological problems, some tears. And even if I was wrong. So what should I do now? Change my shoes now in front of everyone? That’s how everything happened to me. Somehow I got so confused and made a mistake. I’m sorry… This means that my loss is over… And the most paradoxical thing is that I haven’t drunk in a year. And when I arrived in Novosibirsk I thought it was a safe place to rest. That’s why this hysterical white state happened to me.

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