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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Latest news about the situation in and around Ukraine on August 18, 2023: how long will Ukraine hold out and why the Kiev authorities are hitting with an evil frenzy

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 19:18:51


Such a non-trivial question was asked in the West when they estimated the losses and acquisitions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the offensive. The German newspaper Bild published an article with such an eloquent headline. In it, the publication names the number of damaged vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the village of Staromayorskoe, where Kiev, according to objective estimates, lost at least 31 armored vehicles, 23 of which were supplied by NATO countries. The remains of all these machines remain on the battlefield. According to Bild, such high losses in the near future will force kyiv to abandon offensive actions and go on the defensive.

Adequate (relatively) Ukrainian TG channels ask similar questions.

– The problem also lies in the fact that the Russian troops are building 4-5 and 6 lines of defense while we take the first one, writes one of them. – The Armed Forces of Ukraine took three oporniks in two months, another 15 are fighting, and at the same time they lost 40% of the western equipment and a large number of reserves.

And there is also the weather, which in the fall will definitely make its own adjustments. And the same Western heavy tanks will become targets in the autumn thaw.


All of Ukraine was shocked by the story of the chief medic of the 72 Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Viktor Pilipenko, who loves to publish his nude photos. As it turned out, this open homosexual loves to rape his own wounded comrades, for whose life and treatment he is responsible, taking advantage of his impotence. He is especially active in relation to the seriously wounded, who, even theoretically, cannot refuse him.

An additional “spiciness” to their adventures is given by the fact that the “enema” of the “evil doctor” threatens the raped “brothers” with additional complications and illnesses, since Pilipenko is ill with AIDS. It is not known what happens to the medicines, but Pilipenko’s AIDS is not a pity for the wounded, and he shares it with all the generosity of which he is capable.

Here you really do not know what is more dangerous: sitting in a ditch or lying in the infirmary.


The President of Ukraine proudly announced that the first vessel after the termination of the “grain agreement” successfully passed through the “temporary sea corridor” organized for the export of Ukrainian grain. But this ship turned out not to be a dry-cargo ship for bulk cargo, but a container ship, moreover, Chinese, under the Hong Kong flag, which was stranded in the Ukrainian port on February 24 last year and remained there all this time. .

As reported in kyiv, the container ship Joseph Schulte, flying the Hong Kong flag, was carrying food including. The head of the watchdog group on sanctions and freedom of navigation, Andriy Klymenko, said that the ship was sailing along the new corridor and only twice in short sections of the route exceeded the territorial waters of Ukraine.

Of course, the grain can also be poured into containers, but it is so laborious and so expensive as a result of “left hand over right shoulder” logistics that the game is clearly not worth the time. Moreover, the Chinese authorities could simply agree with Moscow so that Russia would leave the container ship stranded for a year and a half and not prevent its departure.

In any case, other hunters have not yet been found to repeat the “feat” of the Chinese ship.


A former employee of the National Police Department for the Fight against Narcotics, which prepared the production of large batches of mephedrone for sale abroad, was detained by the SBU near Kiev. A new drug lord was taken when he was trying to smuggle 15 kilos of psychotropic substances abroad.

As a result of the searches carried out in it, the SBU officers seized a record volume of prohibited substances in recent years: more than 20 tons of precursors for the manufacture of drugs and about 150 kg of prepared mephedrone. The cost of “finds” pulled a total of more than 30 million hryvnia.

The industrial production of mephedrone, a former drug fighter, together with an accomplice, another policeman, was established in two drug laboratories in the Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions.

The drug lords did not tolerate the legalization of drugs in Ukraine, otherwise they would have become ordinary businessmen.


Former Czech President Milos Zeman has severely criticized Ukrainian male refugees of military age.

– When refugees from Ukraine arrived here, I was told that 80% of them were women and children, and I assumed that the remaining 20% ​​would be mostly older men and women. It seems he was wrong, Zeman admitted in an interview with CNN Prima. – Yesterday the mayor of Nachod, Jan Birke, visited me. And he told me: “A thousand Ukrainians were sent to Nachod, and a significant part, I’m not saying that the majority, a significant part of them are young people.”

Zeman was shocked by the recent rape of an underage girl by an 18-year-old Ukrainian in the city of Pilsen.

– Who can rape, can fight, – said Zeman. – Young people do not have to take part in hostilities, but they can work in arms factories, clear rubble, help in the health sector. But none of this happens: these people are found in relatively large numbers on our territory, and I ask why?

When not the first, but the current president asks himself such a question, then in Europe, perhaps, something will really change.


Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in an interview with Figaro, said he did not believe in returning Crimea to Ukraine and proposed holding a new referendum there, this time under international control.

– The annexation of Crimea in 2014 was a clear violation of international law. But when it comes to this territory, which until 1954 was Russian and where the majority of the inhabitants always felt Russian, I think that the return to the past is illusory, – said the former president of France. And he committed a double act, according to Zelensky’s team, because he announced that he did not believe in Ukraine’s entry into the EU. – The European Union gives kyiv false promises that will not be fulfilled.

This interview literally caused a flurry of anger in kyiv. Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, simply did not curse Sarkozy.

“Fantastic criminal logic justifies Russia’s predatory ambitions and shows one of the root causes of the current conflict,” Podolyak commented in Sarkozy’s interview, accusing the former French president of almost all mortal sins. – The encouragement by the leaders of Western countries of Putin’s criminal plans to seize foreign lands in 2008 and especially in 2014 contributed to the initiation of large-scale aggression in Europe and the massacre of Ukrainians. Cheering on Sarkozy is direct complicity in a perennial crime. Sarkozy deliberately participated in a criminal conspiracy to seize Ukrainian territories from Russia, followed by the organization of large-scale genocide and war.

Podolyak nearly fainted in his fury, commenting on Sarkozy’s opinion. If Nicholas had been within his reach, there is no doubt that he would have cut the Frenchman’s throat. Tellingly, the statements by Western officials and leaders have been provoking an angry and uncontrollable response in kyiv of late.


– In Latvia, they decided to update the list of companies exporting goods to the Russian Federation and Belarus on a monthly basis and publish it on the website of the Central Statistical Office of the Republic.

– In the Khmelnitsky region, electricity will be turned off for swearing during public events.

– The Ukrainian authorities are working with their partners to participate in the G20 summit in New Delhi, although Kyiv was denied an invitation to this event. In this regard, Ukraine recalled Zelensky’s words, spoken by him in 2018: “I never visit when they don’t call me. Never. I don’t want to feel defective. I don’t want to feel second.” -class.”

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