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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Latest news about the situation in Ukraine on August 29, 2023: how kyiv recognized Russia’s successes in the forefront and who in Europe was afraid of Wagner

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 08:37:03


One of the authors of the history textbook for grades 10 and 11, Armen Gasparyan, said that the Crimean (Kerch) bridge appeared on the cover of this textbook. According to him, it was a personal initiative of Putin.

– When we were working on the 2021 textbook… In the section I wrote, I asked what should I stop at? They told me: “The return of the Crimea to her home port. That’s it, put an end to this,” Gasparyan recalled. – The textbook is gone. Everything’s fine. Then the president asked: “But the textbook we have now, is it about the Crimean bridge?” Everyone sighed sadly: “No, Vladimir Vladimirovich, there we ended the return of the Crimea to its home port.” And the president says, “That’s very strange, but what about the bridge?” Naturally, this event marks an epoch. Therefore, that it has appeared on the cover does not surprise me at all.

It is good that the president has achieved it. Otherwise, a history textbook would have been published without one of the major historical events.


Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Aleksey Shevtsov in an interview with RG said that Russia had deployed tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus and strengthened a joint air group in response to aggressive behavior by its western neighbors. Shevtsov said that even before the start of the military operation in Ukraine, Western countries had increased military-political and economic pressure on Minsk, but “they achieved the opposite effect and further strengthened relations with our closest ally.”

As a consequence of all that has happened, as Shevtsov explained, in the updated concept of security of the Union State “on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the international situation, key directions and mechanisms have been created for the implementation of our tasks common to ensure security and stability will be determined.”

Any experience requires reflection, and even the one we have received in recent years – even more so.


In any case, Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President’s Office, stated this on the air of a single Ukrainian telethon.

– Today there is already an absolute consensus that we can destroy everything Russian, for example in the Crimea. Let me remind you that a year ago, even when there were some attacks in Crimea, everyone said: “no, no, let’s just do without it,” Podolyak said about the changes in the positions of Western countries. – Today, the absolute consensus, equal to the number of countries that support us, is that we can destroy everything Russian in the occupied territory.

And he mocked that the number of “unidentified drones” that would hit Russian territory would increase.

– As for Russia, there are drones. Let’s fix here the official position, of an unidentified nature. And of course the number of these drones will increase,” Podolyak promised.

In general, the people of Kiev and the residents of other major Ukrainian cities still need to clearly know who will be to thank for the most powerful responses in the event of Ukrainian Western missile attacks on Crimea and the rest of Russian territory.


Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba (this is not only a curse and a diagnosis, but also a surname), speaking in Prague, said that after September 15 the ban on selling Ukrainian grain should be lifted and that Ukraine considers A new ban on exporting cereals to European countries is unacceptable.

– This rule banning the export of Ukrainian grain will violate the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. But the most important thing is that this step would be contrary to the principle of solidarity on which the European Union is based. If they behave like this, they will leave us no choice but to firmly defend our rights and the rights of Ukrainian farmers,” Kuleba said menacingly. Let us remember that previously the governments of Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary prohibited the import of wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower from Ukraine, only allowing the transit of these products to other countries. The introduced ban will cease to apply on September 15, however, the authorities of the listed countries are discussing the possibility of its extension, and Poland has clearly stated that it will introduce its own ban on Ukrainian products if the EU does not extend the current one. .

And what, I wonder, will Kuleba do? Attack Poland and Bulgaria with Romania? Or just Hungary?


The head of the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs Mariusz Kaminski, in the presence of colleagues from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, demanded from the Belarusian authorities that the “Wagnerists” leave the territory of their country. According to him, the situation at the border has worsened in recent months, firstly due to migratory pressure and then due to the appearance of several thousand armed men, whose mere name instills fear throughout Poland.

Kaminsky also demanded that illegal immigrants be expelled from the border area, stating that they are being “lured into this area by Belarusian services.” In case of any “critical situation”, Kaminsky promised to take “immediate response measures”.

The impudence of a Pole can only be compared with the stupid rudeness of the Ukrainian Kuleba. But after all, we and Lukashenko can also be outraged by the presence of armed US soldiers on the territory of Poland and other countries, most of whom are real mercenaries.


The Financial Times writes that the main problem of training the Ukrainian army in the West has suddenly become the lack of competent translators.

– Translators are the number one problem. A big problem is the translation of words used in a military or technical context. Words that no one uses in everyday life, Martin Bonn, deputy head of the EU training mission for Ukrainians, told the newspaper. According to him, and not only according to him, language problems have become an insurmountable obstacle in the training of Ukrainian pilots on the F-16.

European instructors, according to the newspaper, praise the “enormous motivation” of the Ukrainian recruits, but say their ages and abilities vary widely, as Ukrainian commanders at the front are often unwilling to send their best men for training. , and even to another country. . One such volunteer who ended up in Germany was 71 years old, and it is clear that the commander in Ukraine preferred to send him away from the front, leaving a younger and more capable soldier in his place.

– It is very difficult. We are looking for ways to prepare Ukrainians for action in this environment, Bonn explained. The newspaper, unlike other media, called the main problems not mines, but difficult terrain, the electronic warfare of the Russian Federation and the use of drones.

The Ukrainians are on their kind of ground, but the terrain is still difficult for them. We sat at home, obviously it’s easier there.


Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov was forced to admit at a press conference that the Russian army had some success near Kupyansk.

– This is the logical move of the enemy: divert our attention by attacking there, so we take the troops from the south and east. But General Syrsky, who is in command of the Khortytsya group of troops, simultaneously holds the defense in that direction and counterattacks in the direction of Bakhmut. The Russians seem to advance a little there, but if we advance towards Bakhmutsky, they will already fall into the cauldron,” Reznikov could not help dreaming. Moreover, in his dreams he went very far and suggested that the Russians could enter the caldera there “if our defenders advance in the direction of Bakhmut.”

About the fact that the Ukrainians are much more likely to fall into the Russian boilers in other places where they could get closer to the first line of defense of the Russian troops, the Ukrainian minister preferred not to speak.


In the center of kyiv, several hundred people attended a demonstration calling for the release of Ukrainian soldiers captured last year.

– Relatives of Mariupol border guards POWs held a peaceful demonstration on Maidan Nezalezhnosti demanding the authorities do everything possible to release the prisoners, Ukrainian news agencies reported.

Really idiots. In captivity they receive water, food, treatment and even work alone. And as soon as they return home, the military registration and enlistment offices will immediately pick them up again and send them to die in the trenches. Sooner or later they are guaranteed to return from captivity alive and well, but from the trenches …


The United States plans to deploy thousands of drones over the next one and a half to two years. MSN writes about this and reports that we are talking about taking these thousands of attack and reconnaissance UAVs into service with the military … of the United States itself. Washington will need them for the war with China.

According to the deputy director of the Pentagon, Kathleen Hicks, this program will be implemented as part of the Replicator project and its objective is to counter the mass production of drones for the Chinese military. The US Department of Defense is confident that “when the time comes,” US UAVs will be “more difficult to shoot down.”


The press service of the Russian eSports Federation reported that the International Federation of Cybersports (IFC) returned the opportunity to Russian teams to compete in international competitions with a flag and anthem.

According to him, at the IFC congress 32 delegates supported such a decision, 13 voted against and 25 abstained.

– On August 28, at the congress of the International Esports Federation, following the results of the vote, the delegates annulled the decision of the congress according to which Russian athletes could not compete in international competitions under their own flag, the service reported. press. said the FCS of the Russian Federation. Previously, the decision to ban Russians from flying their own flag was made on April 18, 2022.

The first sign and hopefully not the last.


The UK Home Office has decided to issue male and female passes to non-binary employees, allowing them to change their gender identity at least every day. The guidance, updated in 2021, says in this regard: “This includes practical considerations such as access to all facilities. The Department has introduced dual passes for employees who wish to attend work as representatives of more than one gender.

Before lunch – a man, and after five – already a woman. God forbid to make a mistake: sue.


– Estonian Interior Minister Lauri Läänemets said that Poland and the Baltic republics plan to discuss with Norway and Finland the mechanisms and rules for the joint closure of the border with Russia.

– Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Vereshchuk, on the air of the Ukrainian telethon, said that the authorities were evacuating 54 of 5 settlements in two districts of the Zaporozhye region.

– The Minister of Energy of Ukraine Galushchenko repeated for the fourth time that Ukraine will be able to do without blackouts in winter only if the Russian Federation does not attack the energy system. Ask to apply them, or what?

– The Economist reported that Ukraine often receives information from the West about Russian radars, electronic warfare systems and air defense systems for drone strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation.

– Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas refused not only to resign, but even to attend an open meeting of special parliamentary committees for budget control and anti-corruption, which was scheduled to discuss the work of her husband’s company with Russia.


Russia will start negotiations with Ukraine only from the position of the winner (more)

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