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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Latest news on the situation in Ukraine on September 10, 2023: how Britain’s pride is burning and who is trapped in Khreshchatyk

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 05:48:22

The British-made Challenger 2 tank is a vulnerable target for the Russian Kornet ATGM.

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In the Zaporozhye direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered huge losses.

Over the course of a week, in the direction of Zaporozhye, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Rabotino and Verbovoy areas attacked Russian positions 39 times and lost 845 soldiers, 27 tanks and armored vehicles, 25 vehicles and 63 artillery pieces. Campaign. Heading south of Donetsk, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have disabled more than 1,230 militants, 24 armored vehicles, 37 vehicles and 17 field artillery guns. Heading towards Donetsk, in the course of a week, the Southern group repelled 56 attacks by Ukrainian troops, neutralizing more than 2,100 nationalists, 23 tanks and other armored vehicles, 45 vehicles and 30 field artillery guns. In the direction of Kupyansk, the Western group of troops repulsed 22 attacks, the enemy’s losses in one week were as follows: up to five companies, eight armored fighting vehicles, 18 vehicles and pickup trucks, as well as 15 artillery pieces. In the Krasnolimansky direction, the Center group of troops repelled 12 attacks, destroying more than 450 independent fighters, 13 armored vehicles, 15 vehicles and seven guns. For several weeks, the aviation and air defense forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces shot down a MiG-29 aircraft and a Mi-8 helicopter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and destroyed launchers of S-300PS air defense missiles in the area from Lyubimovka in Zaporozhye. region, destroyed and suppressed 247 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles, 49 HIMARS MLRS projectiles, three JDAM guided bombs and one HARM anti-radar missile.

And I will ask you to stay, “Cornet”, for the sake of the British tank.

Paratroopers from the 104th Regiment of the 76th Chernigov Division confirmed that the British-made Challenger 2 tank is a vulnerable target for the Russian Kornet ATGM. The leader of the movement “We stand together with Russia”, Vladimir Rogov, said that from this anti-tank complex the second British tank was attacked last week (kyiv received 14 in total). Russian paratroopers stopped an armored vehicle from Foggy Albion with the first shot. With a dozen “invincible” cans left, it’s time for the British to prepare to mourn their scrap metal on the island.

Massive army attacks began in and around kyiv.

“Strana.ua” reports that mass checks on citizens and personal vehicles have begun in kyiv, blocking urban and suburban areas. The aim of the raids is to detect deserters, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry confirmed. These controls will be carried out throughout the country in the coming days. In the Plaza they are going to deprive more than 180 thousand men of a postponement of the mobilization. It is significant that in 2022, 106,771 citizens entered Ukrainian universities receiving “a level of education equal to or lower than the previous level of education received.” That is, only one hundred thousand young Ukrainians tried to deceive the State and distance themselves from the army. And now they will take them for their weak points and try to send them to the front. Let’s see who wins.

The Ukrainian conflict caused great controversy at the G-20 summit

When discussing the Ukrainian crisis, the G20 countries had such different opinions and assessments of what was happening in Ukraine that agreeing on a common position took the entire two days of the summit. During the meeting, G20 participants cited a variety of negative consequences of the fight on global food and energy security, and their assessments of the causes differed dramatically. Detrimental impacts on supply chains, macro-financial stability and inflation were mentioned. The West is disappointed. Yug hides his smile.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister thanks Tokyo for the 2 billion and 24 cranes

Denis Shmygal, Prime Minister of Ukraine, reported on his Telegram channel that he met with Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi in kyiv. Shmygal said: “I thanked Japan for supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, for financial and humanitarian support and for anti-Russian sanctions. “We have received $2.1 billion in macro-financial assistance from Japan and continue to cooperate.” According to Shmygal, large Japanese companies are interested in long-term cooperation with Ukraine. And he said Tokyo will send 24 cranes to kyiv for humanitarian demining. Well, these taps will not raise Ukraine’s level of self-awareness.

kyiv seeks Ukrainian refugees around the world “for the sake of victory”

Colonel Douglas McGregor said in an interview with the German YouTube channel Die Weltwoche that kyiv’s efforts to attract its citizens to the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces appear less and less successful. According to him, in western Ukraine teams of recruiters are trying to catch at least “someone who can somehow wield a weapon.” kyiv is pressuring Warsaw to allow Ukrainian authorities to “take away” its people and stop Ukrainians trying to flee to this country, McGregor says. Several European countries, notably Austria, have already refused to extradite Ukrainian refugees to serve in the Ukrainian army. But what about solidarity with the “sacred struggle” of the “freest country in the world”?

Kharkov mayor regrets thinking and speaking in Russian

Igor Terekhov, the mayor of Kharkov, while speaking on the square about the ban on the Russian language, decided to apologize for the words he spoke a year ago. Terekhov said in an interview with the French news agency AFP in 2022 that insisting that people in Ukraine renounce Russian is not the best way. Today he “realized the mistake and now he no longer thinks about it.” Now the mayor of Kharkiv appears to be trying to avoid further trouble after being fined in November 2022 for speaking Russian during a national telethon and for posting on social media in Russian. This language will definitely not reach kyiv.

Ukrainian falsifications about “elections at gunpoint” do not stand up to criticism

The governor of the Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo, claimed that the Ukrainian side created a fake video about the elections in Alyoshki, on the left bank of the Dnieper, not far from the Antonovsky Bridge. Saldo said: “The Kiev regime is simply furious at its powerlessness to interfere in our elections, and its TsIPsO has resorted to lies and fake news. A striking example is the falsehood, exposed by experts, that in Aleshki people are supposedly forced to vote, and at gunpoint.” According to the governor, Aleshki’s neighbors did not stand aside and filmed a video of the house, which is actually located at the address indicated in the fake. This is a completely different building and a different courtyard, damaged by floods, and not a clean “cherry orchard near the cottage”. What can be done, bad dancers, like actors, always have something in their way.

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