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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Lost 17kg, Wears Mini & Doesn’t Photoshop: Lolita’s Beauty Secret Revealed

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 06:26:12

Lolita Milyavskaya. Photo: Elizabeth Zaborshchikova

Lolita has always been a lady without complexes and with a great sense of humor. Now, to all this she has also been added an excellent physical shape. At the same time, Milyavskaya does not abuse either beauty injections or Photoshop, and for her age (in November the star will celebrate her 60th birthday) she looks simply wonderful. Each new release of the singer attracts attention. We decided to remember the most striking images of her in recent times.

Less 17 kg in 6 years

At the VK-Fest in July, Lolita appeared in a tight jumpsuit with prints, and many remembered that the star performed exactly the same in 2017. But then she hid it under a dress, which she later took off.

Lolita showed a slender figure at the VK-Fest

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

“I was 12 to 17 kilograms heavier and therefore he was…well, like he was fully stretched out. And I drank so much that I didn’t care what to take off, ”the thinnest singer admitted to reporters.

Singer at the Zhara festival in 2017. Since then, Lolita has lost 17 kg.

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

Now a celebrity can afford to wear any sexy jumpsuit without layers. What is her weight loss secret? There were rumors that Lolita supposedly reduced her stomach surgically, but the star herself denies this. According to her, she was helped by a nutritionist, a nutritionist.

“My endocrinologist’s motto is this: you don’t come to me to become a model, but to be healthy,” Lolita said in an interview.

The star, a lover of chips and saltiness, still had to adjust his diet and limit alcohol consumption, but under the careful supervision of a specialist, this was done without pain for the body. Hence the result.

“The weight comes and goes, comes and goes. The main thing is that you feel great,” Milyavskaya once wrote on Instagram (an organization banned on the territory of the Russian Federation).

At the same time, Lolita is almost the only star who doesn’t use Photoshop. “You know what the scariest thing about Photoshop is? If you think you really are when you got clean,” the singer said.

And of course, the celeb isn’t afraid to laugh at himself. Recently, on social networks, he said that he watched Ksenia Sobchak’s program on drugs for weight loss, in which a leading endocrinologist spoke.

“And then he said that if your waist is more than 79 cm, then you are obese. I only had a construction ruler at home, I measured it and it is 32 inches… So congratulations on 32 inches! — shared with lolita subscribers.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

By the way, in one of the videos on her blog, Lola showed how to remove her sides in a second, you just need to pull up your pants.

Self-irony and pretty legs.

Lolita showed off another cool look at the 2023 New Radio AWARDS this spring. A sparkling mini-dress with a deep neckline and train looked elegant on 59-year-old Milyavskaya.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

It is worth paying tribute to the stylist of the star: he understands that long and slender legs (the height of the singer is 173 cm) are Lolita’s forte and they must be shown. Milyavskaya, together with 26-year-old performer Kostay Lakosta, received an award in the “Best Collaboration” nomination for the single “In Another Way”. And Lolita didn’t miss the opportunity to make fun of herself and her own age.

Receiving the “Golden Mermaid”, Milyavskaya said that despite her long friendship with the general producer of “New Radio” Roman Emelyanov, he rarely puts his songs on the air, and this, in her opinion, is professionalism.

“As I am 59 and a half years old, Roma, this seems like an incentive prize. And the metaverse is like going insane for some artists,” Milyavskaya said, to brown applause.

bra on the head

Lolita wouldn’t be Lolita if she hadn’t constantly shocked the public. So, on the red carpet on the occasion of the recent “First-class Muzon” concert, the star appeared with a red bra in her hands, which she then put on her head.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

“Real Little Red Hood! Who can say no?” the singer smiled.

The star then pulled a bra with cups over her head and said it was headphones. At the same time, Lolita looked fresh and elegant: a jacket-like dress with puffed shoulders really suited the singer and emphasized her slender legs.

We are sure that on the eve of the anniversary the star will still surprise us with its new image.

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