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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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“Marina is afraid for herself and for the children”: how Gradsky’s widow lives after a series of robberies

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 23:21:07

Alexander Gradsky with his wife Marina, 2015.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

The widow of Alexander Gradsky Marina Gradskaya (after registering the marriage, she took his last name) on August 15 told the police: someone climbed into her late husband’s mansion in Novoglagolevo near Moscow and stole old chairs.

Also missing were dishes, some valuable watches, a projector and family photos. The fact is that now no one lives in a country house made of marble and mahogany. The thieves took advantage of this.

A mysterious incident with chairs, almost from a Gambian parlor game – (Ilf and Petrov greet Gradsky) occurred the next day after the late musician’s eldest son, Daniil Gradsky, 42, contacted the police. According to him, Marina took money from her father’s apartment, which should be divided among all her heirs. And now this property is excluded from inheritance. Probably, we are talking about 100 million rubles that disappeared from the same Novoglagolevsky mansion a year and a half ago. Then many wrote about a strange robbery. On the night of January 16, 2022, unknown persons attacked the widow. On the track, she was “cut” by another car. Three people came out of there. Threatening with a weapon (it later turned out that it was a dummy), they forced Marina to return to the dacha and give all the money – the same 100 million rubles that Marina prudently transported from her late husband’s apartment in Moscow to a country mansion for reasons… security. The criminals took millions and went on the run. A few months later, one of them was still in custody. It turned out to be 27-year-old Umedjon Zhabborov, who had previously been convicted of bribery and was on the federal wanted list. He was given another 8 years for the robbery.

Meanwhile, the trial on the division of Gradsky’s property continues. Recall that he passed away on November 28, 2021. The famous and wealthy musician has five heirs: the aforementioned widow and his younger sons of Gradsky – Alexander and Ivan. And also Daniil Gradsky and his sister Maria his are the eldest children of Alexander Borisovich, to whom he gave birth to his second wife Olga Semyonovna Gradskaya (nee Fartysheva). In general, Gradsky against Gradsky. We discuss the ongoing events with Marina’s lawyer, Larisa Shirokova.

– On August 15, a robbery took place at the so-called large Gradsky dacha, – Larisa Shirokova confirmed to us. – Marina received a call from one of the workers who guards the house and said that unknown persons had entered the mansion and stolen personal belongings. Expensive antique chairs, missing family photos… After that, we turned to the police.

Was Marina not home at the time of the robbery?

– He lives with small children in another nearby house. Marina is in shock. She is afraid for herself and for her children. Until now, there is no agreement between the heirs on how to preserve the property of Alexander Gradsky during the period of litigation.

– A strange story with chairs. Who needs them anyway? And also, the day before, Daniil Gradsky wrote a statement to the police about Marina …

We have not seen their statements. But you’re right: you have the feeling that a very ugly story continues regarding Marina. That case with the loss of money (100 million rubles – Ed.) has been investigated for a long time: Umedjon Zhabborov was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

– But the legacy of Gradsky does not belong only to her and her children. There are two more legitimate heirs.

– The division of property is not completed. All property remains a common inheritance. And this brings its drawbacks. If this continues, by the time the dispute is resolved, the damage to real estate can be significant. Nobody is responsible for them now. There is no security. Camcorders too. There is a big, rich and beautiful house, that nobody keeps. Of course, information about this is distributed at least among the staff. We do not blame anyone, but all family members have keys to the house. Marina always believed that family issues should be resolved constructively, in the family and not in court. She offered a settlement agreement and terms that were convenient for everyone. But other heirs don’t want to hear it.

– Structurally, is everything divided into five: for her and the four children of Alexander Gradsky?

– Certainly! Excluding the so-called spousal fee from a previous marriage that ended 20 years ago.

Why is the trial taking so long?

– A lot of time was spent on the appraisal of the property. Daniel did not agree with the conclusions of the appraisers, whom he himself invited. The judge gave us time to reach an agreement. But our opponents do not accept it.

– You said: Marina lives not far from the main mansion, in another house. Is this her house or is it also part of the Gradsky legacy?

– And this house is also included in the so-called hereditary estate. And also subject to division. Older children have independent properties.

– Why doesn’t Marina keep normal security, or at least a video camera?

– Although we are talking about common property, the way of its conservation must be organized by all the heirs, and not only by Marina. She doesn’t have that kind of money either. Two small children. It does not work. The guardianship allocates a certain amount for the children and controls all expenses.

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