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Friday, April 12, 2024
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What kind of tattoos adorn the chest area of ​​​​a fiton: popular sketches and 7 real photos

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 19:42:37

The bust area is not the most popular tattoo spot for women, because this story is quite intimate. But our heroines are athletes. Your bodies allow for a lot, and you certainly don’t have to make a determination.

The approach to decorating this area in female athletes differs from that of men. If the latter prefers to hit the pumped-up pectoral muscles only with something scary, then the beautiful half still clings to femininity and sexuality. True, not always, sometimes even girls in the neckline can see the mouth of a fierce tiger.

So what sketches do sporty girls most often choose, and what do you need to know if you decide to follow their lead?

Kai Elss – fitness model

Photo: Kai Elss personal archive

The neckline is a great place to fill in a pattern. You can not be limited in size and create a real work of art, gradually adding details. In addition, the scale of the “live” canvas allows you to make the most detailed drawing. However, among the girls, few go for large-scale images. Subtle, minimalist inscriptions continue to be fashion choices.

tattoo artist, owner of Egor Zverev’s Tattoo Studio

Girls rarely do a lot of bulky work on the chest, unlike guys. The most popular tattoo option is graphic and ornamental work. They can emphasize the shape of the chest or focus on a beautiful neckline.

Symmetrical works that are in the center look better. If you want asymmetry, it is better to make a small elongated image that emphasizes the clavicle. For example, a twig or an inscription. If you want to designate a bust, it is better to make a tattoo on the ribs, under the chest.

Jessica Johnson – fitness model

Photo: Jessica Johnson personal file

What tattoo sketches do girls choose?


Floral patterns are among the most popular patterns chosen by the fair sex. They like to fill them in different parts of the body, but on the chest they look more impressive and sexy. What flowers are most often stuffed?

1. Pink. This flower, in addition to its undeniable beauty, has an important semantic meaning. The rose is a symbol of sincere love, youth, eternal beauty. Tattoos with the image of this flower are bright and attract attention.

Brittany Nelson – fitness trainer

Photo: Brittany Nelson personal file

2. Thoughts. A wild flower is characteristic of peaceful and romantic natures. It carries the desire for eternal love and devotion, fidelity. Thoughts are often drawn as a symbol of the memory of the second half and experiencing real and deep feelings.

3. Lotus. This flower is usually chosen when you want to convey the ideas of purity, innocence. It is also about tenderness and the desire to always seek the truth. The lotus also symbolizes immortality, struggle, and happiness.

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animals and insects

Tattoos depicting predatory animals are also popular. Lion, tiger, leopard often become heroes of drawings. Thus, the girls demonstrate their strong character and fighting spirit.

Neslihan Kundaki – fitness model

Photo: Neslikhan Kundaki’s personal archive

Insect images are also often chosen as a chest tattoo. And these are not cute butterflies, but large images of moths with spread wings. It is believed that they symbolize personal growth, change for the better. The wings create the effect of lightness and a feeling of flight.


A strange ornament in the form of geometric shapes can often be seen on the chest of girls. In this area of ​​the body, the drawing looks organic and appropriate. Mandalas symbolize the mind, spirituality and inner strength.


If a person chooses a saying as a tattoo, it is obvious that these words have a special meaning for him. This is your motto for life or some kind of charm phrase. The size of the inscriptions can be different: from huge letters to a barely noticeable font.

Billion Minset – fitness instructor

Photo: Billione Minset personal archive

Why make tattoos on the chest?

The decision to get a tattoo on the chest area of ​​a woman is made for different reasons. Someone wants to show her individuality in this way, someone wants to emphasize the relief of a toned body. Also, drawing an image on a certain area of ​​​​the body almost always carries a deep meaning for the owner. There is a goal to emphasize character: strength, determination. I want to be the first.

Kristina Lusyakova – fitness model

Photo: personal archive of Christina Lusyakova

For some girls, a bright pattern on the chest or under the chest is a kind of symbol of good luck or a talisman against failure. Do you blindly believe in the magical power of the chosen image? Hardly. But, apparently, his presence calms and gives self-confidence.

What is important to consider here? The chest area has delicate, thin skin. Painful sensations when filling in a pattern will be greater than when applying a tattoo on an arm or leg. Before the procedure, it is necessary to consult with the master and decide on the use of anesthesia.

Martina Shtander – physical trainer

Photo: personal archive of Martina Shtandera

Also, do not forget about the precautions and compliance with the rules for caring for a tattoo. This is especially important for those who are in a continuous training process. Mainly for professional athletes. Having made a tattoo, you need to forget about training for at least a week.

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