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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Military expert Knutov: The new complex “Sapphire” refers to the new version of electronic warfare, it proved to be very effective – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: June 22, 2024 Time: 15:47:04

The operation of electronic warfare systems against drones has its own characteristics. Any drone can be upgraded. On light and medium-sized UAVs, you can easily change the electronic filling. Outwardly it remains the same, but, in fact, it is already a different drone. Our electronic warfare specialists are faced with the fact that an enemy drone, which could previously be jammed without problems, after a while no longer responds to channel jamming. This happens because it is reprogrammed, part of the electronics is changed, some protection is installed, and we practically cannot work on it. As a result, there are situations where these drones become quite a serious problem. Therefore, we periodically learn that we have a new EW station. This is not because the old station is bad, but because new, more modern means of protecting UAVs have appeared and new means of electronic warfare have been developed that can counter them.

The new electronic warfare complex “Sapphire” only refers to the new version of electronic warfare. It was recently tested on the nip and proved to be very effective. Therefore, it was recommended not only for use at the front, but also for the protection of facilities inside the country. A feature of this complex is that it is used to protect objects from all kinds of drones. It is able to detect the target and identify it. It understands if it is hostile or if our drone is in the sky. “Sapphire” automatically classifies the drone based on its dangerousness, gives an alarm and affects the electronic systems of the drone. The advantage of this rather compact station is that it guarantees detection of targets at distances of up to 30 km. When an enemy UAV approaches at a distance of 5 km, the Sapphire is already beginning to actively counter it. Another advantage of the new complex is that it is capable of suppressing drone ground control stations, that is, detecting an enemy drone operator.

By the way, “Sapphire” was originally developed to protect civilian objects from drone attacks. That is, a complex was created, consisting of several small stations or posts, which could cover critical government facilities, industrial facilities, the same nuclear power plants or oil refineries from drone attacks. However, due to its open architecture, the complex has become mobile, it can be used by our sappers and other units operating in the NWO zone.

I would like to emphasize that our electronic warfare systems are rightfully considered one of the best in the world. Both the Ukrainian military leaders and their US and NATO curators are already gritting their teeth. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are increasingly saying that Russian electronic warfare systems have become capable of jamming the Starlink satellite internet provided to Ukraine by Elon Musk. And it’s not a duck. In fact, there is a complex that works effectively with a signal from the Starlink satellites. That is, the satellite transmits a signal to the ground, but does not receive confirmation of its reception. It begins to transmit the signal in continuous mode, until it receives confirmation. As a result, its power supply system is discharged and becomes an orbiting scrap heap.

In addition, there are electronic warfare systems that are capable of determining the coordinates of a terrestrial receiver where signals from a satellite are received. This helps to cover with artillery the terminals where the Armed Forces receive the signal.

Generally speaking, EW systems help our fighters no worse than mines, artillery or aviation. Now hundreds, if not thousands of drones are circling the nip. Our complexes, as well as anti-drone weapons, work very effectively against them, which means that they do not give the enemy a complete picture of the battle.

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Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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