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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Nikolai Drozdov, having broken seven ribs, quietly said: “I’m getting better!”

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 12:44:02

Nikolai Nikolaevich is an optimist, so he is in a good mood and hopes that in the near future he will have meetings with the public and a trip to his beloved Baikal.

Photo: Daniil OPARIN

Nikolay Nikolayevich Drozdov, 86, is now learning a new series of physical and breathing exercises. And this is not another update of morning exercises for all muscle groups, which Drozdov was so fond of before the injury. This is a complex of physiotherapy exercises for rehabilitation after a serious injury. Six months ago, the legendary TV presenter, doctor of biological sciences, professor at the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University, slipped unsuccessfully: he fell at the entrance when he wanted to get into a taxi to go to work. Nikolai Nikolaevich then broke 7 ribs: from the third to the eighth and eleventh, somewhere there were cracks, and somewhere there were fractures. The television legend had a bit of luck: when he fell, he stuck his elbow under his ribs, thus avoiding more serious consequences. However, the broken rib damaged the lung; this injury was the most serious. Full recovery from such injuries, even in young people, can take more than six months. And for the elderly, doctors do not give forecasts about the moment: rehabilitation can last a year or more. This week alarming information appeared: allegedly Drozdov could not recover from his injury.

We call the master. It is not easy to get through, as Nikolai Nikolayevich is attacked by journalists; he answers, but not often. Drozdov briefly responded to kp.ru: “Status? Getting better. I’m getting better.” Nikolai Nikolaevich now speaks lower than usual, because he cannot take a deep breath due to a damaged lung, which is still being restored.

Nikolai Nikolaevich does not disclose all the details of the restoration. But we learned the following: Drozdov has been free of pain for a long time, he can eat normally, sleep and move. The main blow to the body was due to the fact that the rib caught the lung, which caused fluid and air to appear in the pleural cavity. The damage to the lung led to problems with it, hence the difficulty in taking a deep breath. Drozdov visited a suburban rehabilitation center in the spring: there he went through the next stage of recovery. Now the next, already the third stage of recovery is also in the clinic.

Nikolai Nikolaevich is an optimist, therefore he is in a good mood and hopes that in the near future he will have meetings with the public at conferences, a trip to his beloved Baikal and a safari. Although, of course, the whole family is offended that this happened, just an unsuccessful fall on the ice … When Drozdov is at home, doctors visit him. Nikolai Nikolayevich goes out into the street only accompanied by his daughter or wife.

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