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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Paz Comesaña (EVO Banco): “To offer leading conditions it is not necessary to put locks or permanences on clients”

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 07:26:21

Innovation, cutting-edge technology and excellence in the user experience are the maxims of EVO Banco’s Smart Banking, Bankinter’s 100% digital bank. The digital entity was considered the Most Innovative Bank in Europe in 2022 and is currently one of the largest and most complete digital banks in the Spanish financial sector.

The way to consolidate itself among the main options for Spaniards is the ability to offer the user a comprehensive, competitive and agile response to the different financial needs they have throughout their lives. It is not just about digitizing the traditional financial service, it is about resorting to technology to provide the client with everything they need in a friendly, useful and clear way.

“Technology should allow us to take the fewest steps possible to offer the most comfortable experience to the customer. We are very clear about the basic needs that a banking client has, but, in addition, we actively listen to clients to identify the most frequent demands and implement them in our application,” explains the Marketing and Advertising Director of EVO Banco, Paz Comesaña. . .

“We actively listen to customers to identify the most frequent demands”

Anyone looking for digital financial solutions has a place at EVO. In general, digital banking continues to be perceived as very useful for specific uses. However, EVO Banco allows you to digitally solve all the needs that a natural person has without having to go to a physical office through its commitment to ease, quality and competitive price.

The main bank for anyone

“Our customer is very varied, from digital natives to people of any age who simply have a mobile phone. And they all have something in common: they have discovered the benefits of managing their money in the digital world, they have had a good experience, and they no longer want to manage their money by making an appointment at an office or making a phone call,” says Comesaña.

Despite the wide range of clients in terms of the life cycle, EVO Banco tries to offer the best digital experience through the analysis of each client’s financial needs.

Close to everyone

To achieve a simple experience that is close to all the problems, needs and ambitions of each client, the marketing expert indicates the three fundamental pillars at a communicative level: innovation, transparency and simplicity. “The way of approaching the customer has to be disruptive, there cannot be anything else like it in the market,” she says.

EVO Banco is one of the largest digital banks in Spain.


The fourth secret of the great growth of EVO Banco in Spain, which today has close to 800,000 clients, lies in personalization, “which allows us to offer very innovative products and services adapted to what a person needs at the moment. and in the way that adds the most value,” he details.

No requirements

In order to enjoy all the advantages of this digital banking “you do not have to meet any prerequisites”, beyond being at least 18 years old. Furthermore, EVO Banco’s value proposition does not contemplate permanence, because they are “convinced that it is attractive enough not to put locks or minimum permanence requirements” on clients, says Comesaña.

: “Our proposal is attractive enough not to put locks or minimum permanence requirements on it”

But what really differentiates EVO Banco’s proposal is that there are no commissions: “Our proposal is without commissions, without real commissions. No fees on the account, no fees on transfers, no fees on loans, deposits and mortgages.” To this great advantage it must be summarized that EVO Banco always seeks to position itself “among the three best prices that exist in the digital market, both in savings and financing.”

The most interesting products

The combination of competitive prices and intelligent and flexible options in mortgages, savings or investments is based on real support for all clients in different financial scenarios and on products of great interest to users, such as the EVO Smart Deposit: “It is a deposit that is part of our star account, The EVO Smart Account, which saves for you without you having to worry about expirations, renewals, early refunds, etc. Without permanence or commissions, and currently, to welcome new clients to EVO, it offers a profitability of 2.85% up to 30,000 euros,” adds Paz.

The Welcome Smart Account offered by EVO Banco combines a checking account at 0% APR up to 4,000 euros and a term account paid at 2.85% APR up to 30,000 euros. Transfers to this account are automatic and the money is always available to users. Investment Funds are one of the great attractions of EVO Banco, because they offer a “wide catalog of investment funds in the main managers in the world” and with different levels of risk and profitability.

“We offer a wide catalog of investment funds from the main managers in the world”

Smart Cashback is one of the trendy financial products. It is a system of automatic returns for purchases made in various stores affiliated with EVO Banco in a comfortable and simple way, without the need for coupons or additional procedures. More long term, clients can use the Smart Piggy Bank to plan their investments and pension plans.

“We are offering an alternative that is getting customers to trust banking in Spain. We have been living for 12 years. We have been on the market for 12 years and we have already managed to become one of the largest digital banks. In the future I see EVO Banco leading digital banking in Spain and going out to offer this experience to other markets,” Comesaña proudly declares.

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