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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Prosperous Russia in alliance with Europe, victory of Moscow and Nord Stream 5: the West gave an unexpected forecast for 2047

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 06:32:24

French newspaper L’Opinion columnist Emmanuel Salle saw a flourishing Russia in alliance with Europe in 2047.

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The temptation to look beyond the horizon of time has always been present. The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, recently predicted the outcome of the conflict in Ukraine in the coming months. He did not give details, but it is clear who he is “drowning” for, as he calls on Europe to provide more aid to kyiv. It is true that the head of European diplomacy remains a predictor; It is enough to remember how he persistently announced an imminent victory over Russia “on the battlefield.” But French newspaper L’Opinion columnist Emmanuel Salle boldly cast his gaze into the future to 2047. And I saw there a flourishing Russia in alliance with Europe.

Europe changes Russophobia for the Russian market

The first thing: the Russian market, with its appeal to France, outweighed the project of forming a “European power”, paints a picture of Salle’s future. Everything is clear here, considering that recently European leaders have spoken in unison about the need for “our own defensive forces in Europe.” It turns out that NATO is about to be forgotten there, as Trump has threatened to dissolve this bloc.

In addition, the author tries to specify the details of the future: under the direct leadership of the country’s president, the Directorate of New Routes to the East (DNRE) was founded, which “supports the efforts of French companies to penetrate new territories. The New Bank of Europe is granting loans at the moment…”

In Germany, the panorama is the same: the chancellor, who will once again be a woman, is preparing to receive guests from Moscow, who will attend the grand opening of Nord Stream 5 and sign a “shared prosperity treaty.”

The decade of turbulence (that is, our current time) ended, as L’Opinion predicted, with the Leipzig agreements between the EU and Moscow, which allowed peace to return to Europe.

And do you know why this happened? “Russia has established control over Ukraine and opened a security corridor between Belarus and Kaliningrad.” And Germany, after the United States left Europe, proclaimed its “eternal moral neutrality.” Moscow’s policies, the author calmly states, have gained authority throughout Eastern Europe. And here we go: a new détente, the recovery of lands, the flow of investments towards Russia blocks investments in China…

“We won the tender for the reconstruction of Odessa”

Germany is regaining its competitiveness, which suffered in the 2020s, according to the forecast. Why would this be interesting? Ah, Nord Stream 5, cheap Russian gas is back! Berlin celebrates its fifth year with a budget surplus. The location of factories in new free trade zones (in territories controlled by Moscow, presumably) allowed Germany to regain its position as the world’s leading exporter.

Paris is also rubbing its hands: the French won the competition “for the reconstruction of the port city of Odessa.” The author of the Paris edition predicts that the construction of the Paris-Munich-kyiv high-speed highway is in full swing. By the way, the next Olympic Games (after 2047) will be held in kyiv. It is not even necessary to explain that with the participation of Russian athletes, since all of Eastern Europe accepted Moscow’s position. And another idea in the context of current Western sanctions: the revival of consumption in Russia will benefit large exporters of luxury goods…

Even in Britain, which “sold its sovereignty” to the Americans, there is also growth, although slow, but the debt continues to increase. You need to know who to be friends with.

The French author sees a bright future as a consequence of Russia’s victory, not its defeat. Ukraine is also not going anywhere, but will be completely under Russian influence. And this will also be good for her: even the Olympic Games will be held in her capital.

Of course, everything can be blamed on the irresponsible and politically incorrect L’Opinion columnist. After all, I could imagine a different picture of future prosperity, in which the Ukrainian “winners” forced the Europeans to shout “Glory to Ukraine!” instead of “hello.” But he didn’t take the risk because he clearly had doubts. Let Borrell and Ursula von der Leyen draw unimaginable images for you. And he imagined a peaceful and joyful Europe…

At the end of his dreams, Emmanuel Sales, as if justified by the audacity of the vision of a bright future, timidly adds: some lonely souls still rebel “against restrictions on civil human rights, moral corruption, unworthy actions and easements.” .” But then he sharpens his thoughts again: his voices, he clarifies, are lost in the mass and no one hears what they are talking about.

So all is not lost for Europe yet. And there is only fifteen years of waiting for quick joy. Unless, of course, time passes faster.


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